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It's SEM Boomtime!

by Mike Grehan

Yeah, it's been a bit of a gap again since the last issue. Sorry about that. I know we said we'd try and get to your inbox a bit more regularly. But the problem is... Christine and I are both inundated with client work and there isn't a spare moment in the day right now. Not only that, we managed to pull together a "dream team" of writers - leading experts in the field... who, as you can imagine, are also inundated at this time!

It's not a bad complaint to have: too much work. It's incredible that, at Search Engine Strategies (SES), the industry's number one networking hub, which was held in Stockholm just a couple of months back, it was standing room only for some of the sessions.

This is the first time that Chris Sherman and Danny Sullivan had taken the show into northern Europe. And I didn't meet a single person at that show (same as San Jose) who wasn't full-of-busy!

It certainly is "boom time" again for internet advertising and promotion, in particular, search marketing. And for many online e-tailers, we're approaching the busiest time of the year.

We marketers must be prepared for seasonal promotions, it's essential. But I had to laugh at the guy who sat next to me on a plane last week, when he said: "It's almost Christmas, so they'll be selling Easter Eggs in the stores by now!" With a big grin on his face, of course.

Personally, since the last issue, I've been working with new clients in the States, Europe and here in the UK where I'm based. In fact, as a frequent flyer with a good air mile tally to begin with, I think I probably upped my air miles by at least another couple of trips around the moon!

I'm currently in the south of France (in Marseille) working with a government and European backed initiative to bring some of France's finest right up to speed with the search marketing environment.

And next week at SES Chicago, you can be certain that it will be packed again just as it was last year. Get your last minute tickets now! If you're there (and you should be) please be sure to come and say hello to Christine and I and give us some feedback about this e-rag and exactly what you'd like to see more of. (Apart from more of "it" which is what we usually get!)

Just one other quick thing which I must mention before we hit the highlights of this issue, and that's "Filthy Linking Rich". The pdf of that article which I wrote last month, has been downloaded more than (an astounding) 9,000 times and it's still getting hit!

So. To business.

I'm lucky to have had the great honour and pleasure of working with Dr. Amanda Watlington, one of our industry's leading researchers in keyword analysis and language usage, when we were at the same firm for a brief period.

Amanda is, without doubt, one of the most qualified people in the field and a well known figure and friend to all on the conference circuit. In this issue, she points her expertise in the "Blog" direction and explains why, if you're not blogging, you could be missing that extra little boost in the upward direction at search engines.

Get some insight from a lady who really does command some respect
.Read on...

Someone who needs no introduction whatsoever is Andrew Goodman... So he's not getting one!

Okay, okay, I know, cheap joke...

Andrew is the industry's leading AdWords Advocate so there's not a lot he doesn't know. And fortunately for us, there's not a lot he doesn't share. In this issue, Andrew brings us part one of his "Hard Choices for PPC Advertisers" article. From the basics to the "guerrilla" tactics you hear about in PPC - Goodman really is, the best man.

I know Andrew well and I know how well he knows his stuff.
Read on...

And last, but not least, associate editor, Christine Churchill gets this issue off the ground with her 12 Tips of Christmas article. In it she looks at what you can do to be sure you're ready for the Christmas rush.
Read on...

One note about Christine. She is stepping down from SEMPO, as she has so much other stuff going on around her just now. She wrote about leaving SEMPO here.

We have one more special edition to pop down the chimney for you at Christmas. Until then, keep those Christmas tills ringing!

Mike Grehan, Editor, e-marketing-news

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