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Newsletter Highlights

By Christine Churchill

Are you ready? This month's newsletter practically tops the Power House Category. We have three information-rich articles, any of which could fill a session at one of the top Search Engine seminars.

The first article by Mike Grehan is one of his best (I know I keep saying that, but it's not my fault. He really does keep surpassing himself!). Mike's treat for us this issue is an illuminating interview with Apostolos Gerasoulis and Jim Lanzone, from Ask Jeeves/Teoma. Mike, Jim, and Apostolos are going to pound the proverbial last nail into the PageRank coffin. What, you mean, you thought that PageRank died long time ago? Okay, many of us may have suspected that this was the case, but hearing it direct from the mouth of a search engine scientist, with all the whys and wherefores explained, makes this a notable moment.

This is one of those articles you'll want to print out and read several times with your highlighter in hand. To make it easier for you, we're offering it in PDF as well as HTML format. Prepare yourself for an absorbing read -I guarantee that even the most advanced SEMers will learn something. Read Mike's Interview here.

The second article by guest authors Ian McAnerin and Mike Churchill is a special Webmaster Alert. Ian and Mike give us a "heads up" on a little-known problem that is extremely difficult to diagnose and that has the potential of wiping out your online business if you depend on search engines for traffic. Intrigued? Buckle your seatbelts. They'll present a case study where a client's pages suddenly dropped out of Yahoo. The usual culprits (spam on site, etc.) weren't involved. This client's site was squeaky clean. So who/what dunnit? Our villain turns out to be a weird creature called a Bogon. Under normal circumstances, only someone who lurks in the intricate IT highways and byways would encounter a Bogon. But now you'll find out why you might want to venture into Bogon territory too. Think it can't happen to you? Don't be so sure. The article alerts you to the tell tale symptoms and the cure. Read and be afraid!

Ian runs McAnerin Networks search engine marketing and is the driving force behind SMA-NA. The co-author of the story, Mike Churchill of KeyRelevance, is my Über techie better half who can debug a code problem faster than most of us can find matching socks. In this article we hear how Ian and Mike put their heads together on this client's problem and even managed to get Yahoo and the hosting company involved in tracking down a solution. Read Bogon story here.

Finally, we come to an article by Craig Garber aka The King of Copy. Craig's article is compellingly titled "5 Surprisingly Simple, But Rarely Used Ways of Doubling... Tripling... or Maybe Even Multiplying Your Cash-Flow by 10 Times, in 2005!" Now if that title doesn't get your attention, nothing short of a bonk on the head will. Craig's entertaining style will hold your attention as he delivers choice tidbits to enhance your business. Read Craig's article here.

So with that I'll close. If I did my job right, I'm talking to myself now ;-) and you're already digging into this issue's treasure chest.

Happy Reading!

Christine Churchill
Associate Editor, e-marketing-news

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Quick Bits:

The Mind-Body Link.
People often show their thinking strategies by moving their eyes in certain directions. Learn how we can use this information to power up our communication and improve our understanding of non-verbal communication. Read article on Calibration and Eye Accessing Cues.

© Christine Churchill

Editor: Mike Grehan. Search engine marketing consultant, speaker and author. http://www.search-engine-book.co.uk

Associate Editor: Christine Churchill. KeyRelevance.com

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