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5 Surprisingly Simple, But Rarely Used Ways Of Doubling... Tripling... Or Maybe Even Multiplying Your Cash-Flow By 10 Times, In 2005!

by Craig Garber, The King Of Copy

Do you really think, when you die and go to heaven, 5 people from your past meet you up there, and their purpose is to allow you to finally experience, and see first-hand for yourself... the true meaning of your life?

Showing how you touched people... your greatest accomplishments (that you don't know about)... and how, what you really did accomplish, might not be exactly what you thought it was?

Well, that's the premise of a movie I recently saw, called "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" and it was based on the same titled book, written by Mitch Albom.

Now, let me just say, I almost never... watch... television.

But since I had previously read, and thoroughly enjoyed this book... and since both of my sons also read this book, I marked my calendar for the 3 of us to watch the movie together.

The movie tracked the book pretty accurately. It showed how "Eddie" a "regular guy" by anyone's definition -- a sea-side amusement park maintenance worker -- was actually more than just a "regular guy".

A lot more, in fact. And this is what he learned from the 5 people he met in heaven.

He learned how the simple... mundane... and often insignificant daily experiences you take for granted over the course of your life, are not so simple in how they affect others, and ultimately... how they affect all of us, the world over, even you and me.

Seeing the movie, got me thinking about how, in marketing, and especially how in direct-response copywriting, you can immediately boost your response rates... start increasing your cash-flow many times over... and create so much of a better experience for your customers or clients, by just consistently doing some of the more "simple" things, that too -- seem mundane and rather insignificant.

But if you think about it, isn't it the simplest things in life that often leave the deepest impressions in your mind?

For example, when you're lying under the covers in bed at night, going over the events of your day... what do you spend more time thinking about: That amazing new outfit you just bought, or the way your son or daughter looked at you and pulled your face close to theirs, planting a wet kiss on your lips, while you were tucking them in and saying goodnight?

Do you spend more time thinking about your new car, or that one memorable summer you had when you were a kid... the summer when everything you had going on in your life, just seemed to click for you?

And you're certainly not thinking about that big office meeting you were all worked up about this morning, over that thrilling .Hi-Five!. feeling you get after finally losing those last 5 pounds you needed to lose, so you can finally get back into your old jeans comfortably again, right?

So now, here's the lesson you can take away from this: If you can allow your customers to experience some simple, but very kind and endearing interactions with you, you'll not only be able to easily pierce through all the clutter in their very hectic lives, and get them to consistently buy from you, but you'll also pick up loyal followers, and maybe... even a few friends for life.

Along those lines, here are...

5 Surprisingly Simple, But Rarely Used Ways Of Doubling... Tripling... Or Maybe Even Multiplying Your Cash-Flow By 10 Times, In 2005.

1. Write Like You Talk!

Here's the deal: Most direct mail... display ads... and other sales copy, sounds more like the IRS tax code, than an inviting (let alone exciting) piece of good news, your prospects would ever have any inclination to even start reading, let alone finish reading.

But if you want to make yourself a fistful of cash, then your sales copy's got to be conversational... easy on the eyes... and simple on the brain.

Your prospect's life is w-a-a-y too complicated on its own, for them to start dedicating any extra brain power, to having to understand or dissect your ad.

So write like you talk: Make sure you keep things simple... get rid of all the 5-dollar words... and get to the point.

For example, here's part of a letter I got in the mail today, verbatim, from a mortgage company:

.Even when it's just not convenient to call about a First Guaranty New Day home equity loan, you can get the process started in minutes online anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! So don't let your busy schedule stop you from getting a great rate on a home equity loan, go online now..

Hmmm... is that how you'd actually talk to someone if you were trying to sell them a home loan? That sounds about as interesting as a small soap dish!

Now, don't you think your prospects would be a lot more motivated to respond to your ad, if it said something like this instead?

Look, nowadays it seems like everybody and their mother's trying to pitch you to get a home loan, right?

And that's all good and everything, but the bottom line is... if you do want a new line of credit, all you want to know are three things:

  1. First, can you qualify?
  2. Second, how much is it going to cost you per month, and for how long are you going to have to pay?
  3. And lastly... what.s the lowest interest rate you can get?

Well, I've got GREAT news for you!: First Guaranty has set up an amazing new "EZ Equity Form", that takes literally 45 seconds to fill out, and it tells you exactly what you want to know, one... two... three.

Simple as that.

Then, after you get your numbers, YOU get to decide what to do next.

Sounds easy, right?

That.s because it is. And if you want to get your hands on all this information, in the next 45 seconds... all you need to do is go to blah-blah-blah Dot com, and while you're there, why don't you grab your FREE Report, called 7 Things You Must Know, About How The Big Lenders Rip You Off When You're Getting A New Home Equity Loan!

Now assuming you were in the market for a new home equity loan, isn't that a lot more enticing than the first ad?

And don't worry about your prospects not thinking you're "smart" because you're not using "big words"

Letting them know what's in it for them... and not wasting their time... is smart -- trying to impress them with how much you know, is self-centered and aggravating.

Remember, the quality of your work, and your integrity... is completely mutually exclusive from how you market yourself.

The purpose of your marketing, is to open doors for yourself, and that's it. How well you perform keeps those doors open.

So don't confuse the style of your marketing with the style of your actual work.


2. Talk About "Benefits" And Not "Features"!

As I alluded to a few minutes ago, one thing you always want to bear in mind, when you're writing your sales copy... is this:

All Your Prospect Wants To Know, Is... What's In It For Them?

They want to know how they'll benefit from working with you... as opposed to working with your competition.

Got it?

They want to know, why you... over them.

So when you're writing, make sure you understand, saying things like "Largest Mall In Omaha"... "Service Guaranteed"... and "Oldest Cathouse In Las Vegas"... aren't benefits, they're features.

Benefits, on the other hand, are specific gains your prospect will make, by working with you.

So, looking at the above examples, you'd offer benefits like this:

For the mall:

With over 217 stores in every single category you can think of, from sporting goods and department stores... to western wear and delicious melted Swiss chocolate, Mall of Omaha GUARANTEES you'll find absolutely every category of retail store you could want! And, if there's one you can't find... let us know and we'll give you a $5 Dollar gift certificate to eat at one of the 17 unique tasty restaurants conveniently located in our "Royal Palace Food Court!"

For the catalog or retail store:

We GUARANTEE, your order will be shipped out within 24 hours, by United States First Class Priority Mail! In fact, if we DON'T do this, your credit card will absolutely NOT be charged for shipping! Yes, your shipping will be 100% FREE!.

And for the brothel:

Well... this last one, I think we'll skip, but... by this point, I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm trying to say here, right?

See, telling your prospects the benefits of working with you, means letting them know, very specifically, what you do - not what you're aspiring to do or how you're hoping they'll feel about you.

It's "What's in it for them"... Period.

3. Give... Before You Get!

You know, I'm a very lucky guy. I'm even more in love with my wife today, than I was when I first fell in love with her, 12 years ago.

And believe me, a pain-in-the neck average looking Joe like me, couldn't have landed a gorgeous... incredible... sharp gal like my wife... if I was a selfish lout!

See, the one thing... above all other things your prospect wants from you, before they give you their money... is trust.

And that's not unreasonable, is it? After all, that's what you're looking for in every relationship, right?

And what's the very best way to let someone know... a complete stranger, usually... you're .O.K.. and you're not looking to rob them blind?

Easy: Try...

Giving Them Something First!

That's why the "2-Step" selling process works so well.

I've got a several articles on my web site (www.KingOfCopy.com) spelling out the 2-step selling process, but basically, you use the 2-Step selling process NOT to sell directly, but to generate leads.

What you do, is offer your prospects FREE (or very low-priced) information to capture their name and personal info, things like their physical mailing address or their e-mail address.

This qualifies these prospects who respond to your offer, as valid leads -- meaning, someone who's interested enough in what you're selling, that they're willing to take the time out of their very busy lives, and give you their personal information in the first place.

See, by giving something away first, not only are you making it very easy for your prospects to approach you, you're giving them the opportunity to see "who you really are", by expressing yourself in words, and by the quality of the information you're giving away.

Plus, you're attracting prospects instead of pursuing them. And if you've ever tried to sell anything, you already know, it's a lot more fun to be in the attracting business, then it is to be in the pursuing business.

And what kinds of information do your prospects want to know?

Well, if you don't already know this yourself, the easiest way to find out, is by asking some of your existing customers... and your existing prospects. You can do this by sending them a letter... calling them... or if you're online, you can even run a survey.

But mostly, they desperately want behind-the-scenes .inside secrets. about what you do. They want to be educated about their buying decision, so they can feel safer when they eventually make one, and they want to know how to make their buying process easier.

Here's a few examples to show you what I mean:

  • If you're an electronics distributor, give away: "17 Ways Any Electronics Retailer Can Save Over 55% On Their Wholesale Orders... Eliminate Obsolete Inventory... And Avoid Customer Returns!"
  • If you're a roofer, hand these out: "5 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Your Local Roofer: What To Look For... And Even More Important... What To Look Out For!"
  • And if you're a financial planner: "FREE Report Reveals How To Completely Avoid Stock Market Losses... While Consistently Participating In All The Stock Market Gains!"

You can use lead-generation in every industry, but it's especially important... in fact, I'd say you're going to have a very tough time selling at all... unless you're definitely using it, in any of these 3 situations:

  1. You're selling something expensive (like real estate).
  2. You're selling something difficult to understand, or where there's a high level of suspicion and rip-offs in your industry (like life insurance, pest control, or mortgages).
  3. You're selling something with a long selling process (like life insurance again, or something where there's custom-made services or products).

You see, not only does "giving before you get" position you as an expert, and establish your credibility (and therefore your trust), it also dramatically differentiates you from your competition.

O.K. Let's take a little breather here for a moment.

I just want you to see, so far we've talked about 3, very easy techniques you can use to start boosting your sales, immediately:

One, Writing Like You Talk!

Two, Talking About Benefits. And Not Features.

And three... Giving Before You Get!.

And aren't these 3 things very easy to do?

And can't you start using them right away?

Good then. I just don't want you to feel overwhelmed, because when it comes right down to it, selling really isn't that difficult if... you just put things into perspective and if you just keep in mind, a few simple rules.

Onward then!

4. Use A Hard-Hitting And Compelling Headline!

If you're already a subscriber of mine, then you've heard me say this at least a hundred times, but in case you're not, let me explain something.

Your headline accounts for as much as 80% of the effectiveness of your ad -- regardless of whether it's a display ad... a sales letter... or a web page.

Think about it this way: Your headline is your "ad" for your "ad".

And if you don't "hook" your reader within the first 0.7 seconds they see your ad -- forget about it -- they're gone, and so is any potential for your sale.

Sounds rough -- but sometimes selling is rough, when...

You don't know the rules!

Sadly, most advertising doesn't have a headline, and... if it does... it's a very... very... wrong... headline.

Usually, the headline says the name of your company, or what you're selling, like:

"Cosmetic Surgery Associates"... or "Income Taxes"... or "Doris' Produce Store".

But... since you're a little smarter than the average bear... and since we just talked about benefits... you already know, these kinds of headlines...

Are All... Worthless!

So, what should these folks be doing instead?

Well, cosmetic surgeons can say something like this, depending on what area of surgery they're "pitching":

Women! How To Look... And Feel... At Least 15 Years Younger... Start
Turning Heads Once Again... And... Restore ALL Your Youthful
Energy And Enthusiasm... In 7 Days Or Less!

And even accountants, one of the most boring of all professions in existence (I know -- when I graduated from college, I was a CPA -- Yikes!), can spice up their ads and attract attention by saying something like this:

Attention Business-Owners! Why Pay The IRS Even One Thin Dime
More Than You Have To? Here's A No-Risk Way Of Getting More Money
Back Than You Did Last Year!

See, one thing about being boring is...

It's The Cardinal Sin Of Marketing!

Being boring in your marketing is like being boring on a first date -- you simply won't get a second date -- no matter how much YOU want one!

So don't be afraid of attracting attention... but just make sure you're getting it the right way -- by being bold -- and not the wrong way... by acting like a nut!

And lastly, the produce mart can say something like:

FREE Apples! Get 3 Freshly Picked Tasty Apples, Just For Coming Into Doris. Produce Mart On Wednesdays!

Again, getting people in your doors is what you want here. And even though you may have a few "tire-kickers" coming in just for the apples, most people won't come in, unless they want to buy something else, anyway.

5. Make Your Prospects Feel Safe -- Give Them An Iron-Clad Guarantee!

The very last, yet very simple thing you need to do, to give your prospects the comfort they're looking for, is...

Offer Them A Rock-Solid Guarantee!

First of all, if you can't guarantee some aspect of your service... or that your product can be returned, then why are you even selling it in the first place?

If you're selling something that has a 7-day guarantee, boost it to a 30... 60... or 90-day guarantee.

If you're selling something with a 90-day guarantee, boost it to a 6 month... 9 month... or 1 year guarantee.

Even offer a double your money back guarantee if you can.

Listen, I know this may sound crazy, but if you want to sell more -- much much more -- then you must offer a guarantee, and you must let your prospects and customers know all about it, in no uncertain terms.

It'll increase your sales, for sure.

Think your business is "different?" Think you can't guarantee some aspect of your business?

Well, I've got one thing to say:

You're Dead Wrong!

If you can't guarantee the performance of what you're doing, then pick the one aspect of your service, your prospects and customers have the most complaints about, and guarantee that:

For example: If you're an attorney, guarantee all your calls will be returned within 1 business day, or else you'll deduct an hour of your billable time.

If you're a surgeon or an accountant, you can give a similar guarantee.

If you're a residential painter, guarantee: "My guys won't mess up your house... leave old cigarette butts lying around... dress like slobs... curse... eat your food... drink your soda and then leave the empty plastic bottles lying around the floor... drink beer... get spots of paint on your carpeting... show up late... or blast their radio while they're painting!"

Even hospitals with smart marketing people have started giving guarantees:

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, New Jersey, promises emergency room patients they'll see a nurse within 15 minutes, or a doctor within 30 minutes, or else their room is free.

Is this hurting them?

Not at all -- they only wind up giving away a free room (valued at $150 to $500 dollars) about once every 4,000 patients.

Now think about how much time you've wasted waiting around hospital emergency rooms. What usually happens there?

Usually, the staff winds up handling you as if you were a newspaper vending machine -- you go completely unnoticed for literally hours -- even if you are dying!

So wouldn't that "15 minutes or free room" guarantee motivate you to go to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital's emergency room, instead of their competitors?

And I'll tell you what -- I bet even if they had to give 50% of their rooms out for free, because of their guarantee... I bet they'd still bring in enough extra business, because of this guarantee, to justify it.

Aurora Medical Centers in Green Bay, Wisconsin, goes even one step further: They promise your care will start within 33 minutes, or else your room AND your doctor fees, are waived!

The bottom line here, is... offer up the sweetest... juiciest... most bold and daring guarantee you can, and the payoff will come back to you in spades, in the form of increased sales... and a nice hefty .boost. to your bank account.

A few things you should know here, that'll make this a little easier for you to do:

  1. Firstly, know this: When people are truly looking to rip you off, and just 'take you. for your guarantee, they make up their mind to do this, before they order, not after.

    So the amount of scam artists you're going to have to deal with, won't increase, as a percentage of your total customers, just because you're offering a stronger guarantee.

  2. Secondly, let's say your percentage of refunds does go up. Remember... so will your sales, because you're now offering a stronger guarantee.

    So for example, wouldn't you rather get 2% returns on 200 sales, than 1% returns on 100 sales?

    Here, look at the math: If you make 100 sales at $10 dollars a pop, that's $1,000 dollars in gross sales, right? And if you have to refund 1% of that, or $10 dollars... you're left with $990 dollars, right?

    But... if you've sold 200 items at $10 dollars a pop, that's $2,000 dollars total. And even if you have to refund twice as many purchases, or 2%... that's still only $40 dollars in refunds.

    And this leaves you with $1,960 Dollars, which is still... an extra...

    $970 Dollars, Or... 98% More Cash For You!

  3. And lastly, if you're scared about offering a guarantee... remember this...

    Nothing's Forever!

    You can always offer a dramatic guarantee... measure your results... and then, if it's not working to your advantage, just change your guarantee to something else.

    Then, do the same thing over-and-over again, until you nail down the winning formula for you. But, I'll save you some anxiety and testing time, and I'll tell you right now: The more daring and dramatic you can make your guarantee, the more you'll sell.


    It really is... that simple... and that straight-forward.

Anyhow, I hope you've gotten something out of these "5 Surprisingly Simple, But Rarely Used Ways Of Doubling... Tripling... Or Maybe Even Multiplying Your Cash-Flow By 10 Times, In 2005!"1

And, I hope you start using at least ONE of them, in your marketing, right now... so you can be on your way to a making just a TON of money for yourself.

Thanks for reading this message and have a wonderful... exciting... and happy holiday!

P.S. In the spirit of holiday giving... please feel free to grab your copy of my latest book, "How To Use A Simple Sales Letter To Get Anything You Want!", by going to this web page: http://www.KingOfCopy.com/freebook

P.P.S. And if you want to feel better about yourself than you've felt in a while, go buy yourself a copy of Mitch Albom's books, @quot;The 5 People You Meet In Heaven," and "Tuesday's With Morrie." If you don't wind up crying after reading at least one of them, then you've got less of a heart than the Tin Man from "The Wizard Of Oz!"

Craig Garber is America's Top Direct-Response Copywriter. You'll find hundreds of marketing tips to increase your sales, and his insanely popular FREE Direct-Response Marketing Tip Of The Week, on his website, www.KingOfCopy.com/p>

© 2005, Craig Garber. All rights reserved.

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