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About Andy Beal

Contributing Expert on the Search Industry

Andy Beal is Vice President of Search Marketing for WebSourced and KeywordRanking.com, the global leader in professional search engine marketing. Part of the WebSourced, Inc. group of companies, their professional approach to search engine marketing ensures that small to large sized business enjoy top search engine positioning using spam-free techniques. Search engine marketing clients include Motorola, Lowes, Alaska Air, Peopleclick, NBC and Experian.

Highly respected as a source of search engine marketing advice, Andy Beal has had articles published around the world, including Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Guide, Pandia, SEOToday and JimWorld where he also acts as a resident forum "JimGuide". Andy Beal is constantly keeping up-to-date with search engine news and developments and has appeared on CNBC and NPR (National Public Radio) and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and many other publications. Often approaching search engine marketing from a unique, easy to understand perspective, Andy Beal has also been invited many times by SearchEngineWatch.com to speak at the Search Engine Strategies conferences held around the world.

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