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About Jeff Eisenberg

Contributing Expert on Conversion

Jeffrey Eisenberg co-founded Future Now, Inc., in 1998 with his brother Bryan. Jeffrey has been and is currently CEO of Future Now, a marketing consulting boutique, based in New York City, focused on helping its clients increase their conversion rates online. Jeffrey is also CEO of Persuasion Architecture Inc., a licensing and training company.

Prior to co-founding Future Now., Jeffrey developed his expertise in offline sales and marketing as well as in sales and marketing management and training working for companies such as: IDT, Central National Bank, NYFX, Nuestra Voz, Bridges, Rich & Wheeler, GWC and Bridges East Africa. Jeffrey attended Touro College, is natively fluent in Spanish and English and has transacted investment/ merchant banking business in 26 countries. Jeffrey is a voracious reader and spends a great deal of his leisure time reading about business, psychology, management, marketing, science fiction, linguistics, comparative religion and history.

Jeffrey has become a well respected expert in the field of eBusiness. Jeffrey has guest moderated I-Sales and has been a featured speaker at DMDAYS, National Association of Broadcasters Annual, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Net.Marketing, SCORE conferences, DMA Annual, Wizard Academy and ClickZ Email Strategies. Jeffrey has run seminars for companies such as: Computer Associates, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, AeroTek/ Allegis Group, Volvo, Agora Inc., and RADirect. Jeffrey is also a co- inventor of MAPTM, the proprietary version of Persuasion Architecture that is patent pending. Jeffrey also teaches the course “Wizards of Web” at Roy H William's Wizard Academy and is a co-author of the book: "Persuasive Online Copywriting".

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