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About Heather Lloyd-Martin

Contributing Expert on Copywriting

Heather Lloyd-Martin is the President of SuccessWorks Search Marketing Solutions Inc. (http://www.SearchEngineWriting.com) and is considered the pioneer of search engine optimization writing. Lloyd-Martin is also the co-chair for the Association for Interactive Marketing's (AIM) Search Engine Marketing Council. Her book, "Successful Search Engine Copywriting: How to Write Prime-Positioned Web Pages, Directory Listings and PPC Ads That Convert Customers Like Crazy," is due to be released in 2003.

Lloyd-Martin specializes in search marketing consulting and training, helping clients gain prime search engine branding and improved site conversions. Her educational focus helps companies create in-house search marketing teams, resulting in increased site ROI as well as seamless integration between corporate marketing and technical departments.

Heather organizes and moderates search marketing workshops for select Direct Marketing Association conferences, including net.marketing, the Annual Catalog Conference, and the DMA Annual Conference and Exhibition. She is a featured speaker at worldwide Jupiter Media Search Engine Strategies conferences, as well as other top industry conferences such as @d:tech, and Seybold.

Heather was co-moderator of the award-winning Rank Write Roundtable and currently co-moderates TagLine with Detlev Johnson. TagLine is a weekly email newsletter featuring high-level SEO tips for marketers. A popular columnist, Heather's articles have appeared in publications such as Inc.com, ClickZ, Catalog Success and Entrepreneurs' Business Start-Ups.

A veteran Pacific Northwesterner, Heather enjoys gray rainy days and steaming hot chai lattes. She may be contacted at heather@SearchEngineWriting.com or (360) 224-6260.

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