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About Greg Jarboe

Contributing Expert on Public Relations

Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR (http://www.seo-pr.com), a search engine marketing firm that provides search engine optimization, search engine advertising, and search engine promotion services. SEO-PR has also formed a strategic partnership with PR Web that offers help writing press releases for and sending press releases to the major news search engines, including Google News and Yahoo News.

Greg has more than 20 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications and marketing at Lotus Development Corp, Ziff-Davis and other companies. He has been called "one of the best PR people in magazineland" by Media Industry Newsletter, and been praised for his "search engine optimization wizardry" by The Measurement Standard.

Jeffrey Tarter, Editor of Softletter and a well-known industry analyst, says, "Greg Jarboe always seems to be ahead of the curve whenever there's a major shift in technology marketing. He's now figured out a brilliant way to integrate search engine optimization and public relations, creating a powerful strategy for generating leads, building Web traffic, and getting publicity messages in front of potential buyers at exactly the right moment."

In addition to writing monthly articles for e-marketing-news, Greg also writes occasional articles for SearchDay, WebProNews, The Measurement Standard, MarketingSherpa, and Ballyhoo Magazine. He frequently speaks at industry conferences, including Search Engine Strategies, WebmasterWorld's PubCon, International Public Relations Research Conference, Grassroots Communications, I-CASE, Internet Planet, MeritDirect's CO-OP, and The Measurement Summit. A wide range of media has interviewed him, including internetnews.com, PR News, WebProWorld, WebTalkRadio, Search Engine Radio, and E-consultancy.

Greg graduated with distinction from the University of Michigan, attended the University of Edinburgh, and completed all the course work for his Masters in Applied Management at Lesley College. He has won a Hopwood Award, a Hatch Award, and two New England Journalism Awards. He lives in Acton, MA, and is a former chairperson of the town's Board of Selectmen. He is also a member of the board of directors for the Massachusetts Software Council Education Foundation.

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