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About Kim Krause

Contributing Expert on the Usability

Kimberly Kopp Krause is the owner of many sites including UsabilityEffect.com, Cre8pc.com, Cre8asiteForums.com and co-founder of the Cre8asite Network.

Kim launched Cre8pc.com in 1996, offering search engine optimization and web design resources gathered and tested while working as Webmaster for a technical magazine publishing company.

She was in charge of web design and also getting 13 web sites registered and ranked in search engines. As she moved forward in her career, she freelanced from home in seach engine optimization (SEO) and web site building under the Cre8pc domain. In 1998 she started the Cre8pc Website Promotion Club in Yahoo! and co-moderated the Home and Small Business Club, where she gained a reputation for helping people and making SEO and Marketing easy to understand.

Hired by such companies as Unisys and Verticalnet, Kim worked as a User Interface Engineer and eventually moved into the Quality Assurance Software Testing field, where it was her job to test and develop the methodology for in-house web site usability. During this time, she continued to freelance in SEO and help out in her Yahoo! clubs and other forums. During the dot-com crash of 2001, Kim was laid off and within 6 hours was hired by a company seeking a sub-contractor to test and project manage their proprietary Internet application for a large firm.

This allowed her to expand Cre8pc services and work from a home office full-time. In August 2002 the old Cre8pc club was changed to Cre8asiteForums, where it quickly became one of the leading web design forums on the Internet and the first to begin spreading the importance of web site usability.

Today, Kim is focused solely on usability and user interface web site testing using the cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation methodologies. Her background in SEO makes it easy for her to understand the connection between the two fields and how to make them work together for a united role in developing traffic, rank, and steady to increased sales. Her UsabilityEffect.com web site offers research, resources and a free test center.

Both as a partner or supplier, Kim provides affordable usability reports for SEO Company clients as well as those that come to her via Cre8pc. In May 2004 she launched UsabilityEffect.com, which focuses on her usability testing services, offers a free test center and large resources section.

Kim's articles have been published in HighRankings Advisor , SearchEngineGuide, ISEDB.com, Successful Sites, WebPro News, and many blogs and online publications too numerous to mention.

She's a contributing writer for Successful-Sites, the Search Engine Roundtable, Cre8tive Flow and Mike Grehan's e-Marketing News. She helped found the network of website properties called Cre8asite Network, which features a Resource Library and Cre8tive Flow Blog.

She expresses herself in a more casual environment via her own Cre8pc SEO and Usability Blog and remains a dedicated member of The Creative Enterprises Network, an online merchants' association made up of owners of small or home-based businesses.

If you would like to learn about how to make your web site more user friendly, Kim offers a self-study course on web site usability at the Online Search Engine College.

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