On 22 April 2003 Ed's wife Penny, and his brother Barry, arranged for family and
friends to say a final farewell to the ubiquitous; the irrepressible; the one and only:
Ed Harwood click here

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Five years ago we all lost a great friend, l have just been to lay flowers at what around here is known as Ed tree.

Feels just like yesterday just wanted to let you know that although Yorky and l are leaving The Oak all our memories are coming with us still miss you loads

Anne xx

Anne Noonan at the Royal Oak Ecchinswell - 12 April 2008

I found Ed Harwoods [Bequia] web site last year and took a copy of his site with us when we went there on holiday last year. It was our bible.
I was looking for the site this year but couldn't find it. I am so sorry to hear that he died. I had meant to send him an email to say thank you we had a brilliant holiday thanks to him.

Yours sincerely

Jane Crichton-Stuart.


2nd February 2006

Over 2 years since Ed Harwood died and I just saw this website.

In 1988 I spent 2 weeks with Radio City in Liverpool and Ed put me up in his house. He was a great host and we had some great chats about radio, life and love etc. Once met never forgotten - a great radio talent. I'm pleased to read thanks to Penny he found true happiness and peace. Cheers for your help and support Ed.

Rod Lucas - 2nd December 2005

This is a lovely site. Only met you once at some godawful GWR training thing. The conference was utterly forgettable but the beers shared with you weren't. Rest easy.

David Roach - 3rd December 2004

Ed, you were a 'legend' and a pain in the arse! (Only joking buddy) How many times did you spill your greasy 'Savacentre' chicken wings all over my computer keyboard?!!! A day wouldn't pass when you didn't make me laugh or cry - particularly when we used to take the micky out of Vera and Howard about the 'lean to'. I think the funniest day we had was when Cindy was having her daily swearing session and she stood up too quick thus smacking her head on the dorma. The pair of us looked, didn't say anything and just roared with laughter - we were thinking the same thing! I miss not seeing you bombing around Newbury in Penny's sports car and I never did get that ride in her red TVR. I spent 3 years working with you and it was a pleasure to have known you for that time. Gone but certainly not forgotton you 'BFGB'.

Mark Abbot - 29 August 2004

I will be hoisting a pint or two of Guinness in remembrance of you Ed on April the 9th in "The Cheechako Bar" in Anchorage Alaska! Remembering you asking me if I wiped my arse standing up or sitting on the pot!!
Frank Hall 29 Jan. 2004

Christmas and New Year was very hard but made so much easier with lovely people that surround me and the support that I have been given near and far. You may have gone but you certainly are not forgotten. I still love and miss you so very, very much. You are in my heart forever. Your loving wife, Penny x x x x - 3 Jan. 2004

Still thinking of you, mate - and Penny. Still missing you. Love, Jo C x

people said it would get easier with the passing of time,but it doesn't, we miss you so much, will never forget you, loadsa love, Mam & Dad xxx
Mam & Dad <marion.harwood21.fsnet.co.uk>
stanley, UK -
Tuesday 12 August - our wedding anniversary it was beautiful evening. At Princess Margaret beach we took down white balloons with messages on and sent them off in the sea but they kept coming back. Gayla and friends came over by boat and were singing Amazing Grace as we did the balloons. After Gayla fell from the boat (too many rums taken) she collected them all and swam out to sea and let them off. It was a lovely sight just at sunset. All you could see were white balloons bobbing in a sea of orange and blue. All the balloons were heading in the direction of the harbour, all but two which set off to the sunset together. I then scattered his ashes on my own with a picture, which I placed in the sea. Everyone said it was lovely as the fireflies were out and it looked like Christmas lights twinkling behind me. It was very emotional but a very lovely evening - rum was certainly taken and we left a large rum and coke on the beach for Ed. Everyone there was really lovely and am amazed at how many people remembered me without Big Ed with me. The next time in Bequia will be harder and I really do not know if I can do it but we will see.
Pentico, UK -
Well you won't be back to Bequia Ed, a place where you will never be forgotten. It was wonderful to find so much love for you there this summer. I'm still angry at you for leaving us! love you mate.
Tony Kerner <tony_kerner@hotmail.com>
Hastings, UK -
Well bro it was 4 years ago today that you said I do to Penny on a beach called Princess Margaret in Bequia. Our thoughts are with you today both at 11:30 am when you said " I Do " and at 6pm when Penny will be spreading your ashes on the very same beach. You are as always in our thoughts.....Love you Barry & Donna and Jess
Barry & Donna
Cannada -
Hey big fella,got to remember your imortal words today, 'those fekin things dont fekin do that' Music in the air Middle Wollop [Helicopter loopin the loop during a very gentle peice of music, as loud as you could hehe]2001
Gareth <gareth-tracey.davies>
UK -
Ed, love and miss u Jot, Tony and Maxy x
Joyti De-Laurey <joyti9@yahoo.co.uk>
London, UK -
Just found out the sad news of Eds passing, my love and thoughts go to his wife and family, you will be missed big fella
scott aka dragon (uklf) <slminteruk@aol.com>
essex, UK -
Hi Ed..seems i'm a little late on hearing this sad news. Distance does not lessen this sad feeling in my heart. Kia Kaha Robert
Robert Scott <carmelandrobert@xtra.co.nz>
Auckland, NZ -
man, i was shocked when i saw the UKLF site... i used to talk to Sunray about GR and other things. Will always miss him
Bari Khan <bmkhan1@hotmail.com>
Sunderland, UK -
Some would say that a chapter has been closed in our lives, but we say it's only been booked marked to pick up where we left off. love, Mam & Dad, Penny, Barry & Donna
Barry - Brother <donna.harwood@sympatico.ca>
Ottawa, Canada -
They started from the Royal oak for their journey to France in memory of Ed, and boy was it hard for me to see them leave. I will join them in Honfleur for their return. I miss the ol' bugger so much that it hurts. Love you Edx x x x
Penny - wife <penny@pentico.co.uk>
UK -
Well, 2 months tomorrow and I'm still waiting for you to come come home...... love you big fella and always will....
Penny - wife <penny@pentico.co.uk>
North Sydmonton, UK -
Ed for fuck's sake i've just found out!. Memories have come flooding back about the 2 years or so we shared an office at bba in Newcastle, especially the time you r computer mouse fucked up so you decided to bounce your considerably large frame up and down on it. Oh yes the parachute jump i organised, well i thought you were a bit big for that little piece of nylon above your head - you can't but entertainment like Ed - Ed mate im sorry i missed your farewell - thinking about you Gary
Gary Burnie <gary@gwb-advertising.co.uk>
Newcastle, UK -
We only ever met on the phone. The world has lost a friend. We'll miss you.......Martin and Judith
Martin & Judith <judith@asapmusic.co.uk>
UK -
Fat Lad - you never let anyone walk alone here, we know you won’t be left to walk alone there. Thanks for a thousand laughs and unforgettable memories, not least Bequia. Love Tattey xx (as you called me).
Anthea <Anthea@ACTprojects.co.uk>
Northumberland, UK -
Dropping by to sign your book. I wish his family and all at UKLF well and hope you remember and keep going the spirit within you all that was started and held by your founder. In this respect you have a lot to live upto and our squad will support you now and in the future as much as we can. Jason aka ** Furiou$ **
Jason aka uT | Furiou$ formerly Neme$i$ <jason.harry@ntlworld.com>
Manchester, UK -
I am yet another person who met Ed through online gaming, and reading the other posts in this memorial only galvanizes my opinions of Ed so much more - I only wish I had found the time to meet him in person. I will miss you Sunray, it will never be quite the same again. My best wishes and condolences to all Ed's family and friends.
Richard Whitworth aka ChimpUKLF:SS <richardwhit@ntlworld.com>
Stockport, UK -
Hi Everyone :o) There have been a number of posts here from friends of Ed who were collectively involved with him in internet gaming, something that Ed had a serious passion for. So much of a passion in fact, that Ed was considered by many within the British Online Community, to be one of the best. As a member of the team that Ed put together back in 1998 -=United Kingdom Land Forces= I am pleased to post the website URL here for anyone who may wish to visit and see just one aspect of his passionate self. As a former member of the armed forces myself, I offer my salute to you, you BFGB. :o) & :o( Rest assured that =UKLF= will continue under the careful eye of your little Bro Baz otherwise known as Echo=UKLF= We will maintain the standards you set before us. Rest in peace Ed. Your mates =UKLF= www.uklf-squadron.co.uk
Gunny=UKLF= <Gunny@uklf-squadron.co.uk>
UK -
Ed was well known in the industry and the one accasion I met Ed he is remembered as a great guy. This is reflected in this tribute site. He had many friends and a great reputation. My thoughts are with Penny and the rest of his family. Rest in peace, Love Bruno Brookes
Bruno Brookes <bbrookes@stormdb.com>
Berks, UK -
I miss and love you so much big fella - please come back. Penny x x
Penny - wife <penny@pentico.co.uk>
UK -
So sorry to just hear the news about Ed. I worked with him for many a year at Metro Radio and GNR he was one larger than life personality who called a spade a spade and would not take to fools kindly.I'll always remember him as 'One of the good guys!' My thoughts are with all his family. God Bless and keep em all laughing
Brian Clough <bryclo@fsnet.co.uk>
Durham, UK -
Uncle Ed, I wish we could have spent more time together, its not till someone is gone that you realize you didn't get to know them as well as you wanted. I do carry a secret that you taught me a long time ago, How to eat Mexican without burning my guts out (sourcream)it may be silly but thats how I remember you my happy big hearted uncle, full of life and ideas and a taste for funny foods. Thank-you for accepting my Mom and I into your family and thank-you for being part of our family. I will miss your smile but I know your up there still smiling down on all of us. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. Love Jessica-Lynn.
Jessica-Lynn <jess_southern@hotmail.com>
Ontario, Canada -
I knew Ed as a lot of people did through Delta Force, I am an Ex member of UKLF and was known as aquarious. Although we never met in person I feel like I knew Ed well and was deeply saddened to hear of his untimely death. My thoughts are with him and I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Ed's family. John
John Barr <johbar97@aol.com>
Kircubbin, Co.Down., UK -
Can't believe it. Spent some time with Ed in Swansea. At the time I was the only Geordie at the station, probably in the whole City, then Ed turned up. You really showed them a 'true' Geordie Ed. BIG, loud, and very funny. I'm gonna have a flight on F22 Raptor in your memory, you always used to shoot me out the sky as soon as i'd taken off...mad. So sorry to hear of our loss.
Michael Dobson <michael@foreverbroadcasting.com>
UK -
Well Ed, you were right, 'Mungy' does make you tired and emotional. But somehow I dont think the emotion that poured out on Tuesday was anything to do with the rum. The rest of us can only hope that our lives will be celebrated in the manner which yours is being celebrated. I have never known a man such as you and probably never will again, you are described as the big man with the big heart and how true thatis. You also had an apetite for a big bottle of port! For those that don't know the story, a simple little dinner party attended by myself Tracey my wife, Penny and the BFGB ended early in the morning, the girls went to bed and so did I 3.00am Tracey got up to turn off the lights that we had supposedly left on with not a stitch of clothing. Tracey found Ed minesweeping the last of the port. Ed described her movements as a little native dance whilst attempting to cover herself up with her hands. Eds morning comment, 'Great food, great booze and you even threw in your wife. I fekin love you! We fekin love you too mate.
Gareth <gareth-tracey.davies@bigfoot.com>
UK -
I only met Ed on a couple of occassions yet remember him to be a true gent. Very sorry to hear this sad news.
Ollie Raphael <ollie@deliciousdigital.com>
London, UK -
Ed, there are only a few times in life where you meet such a person that gives such friendship, respect, wisdom and laughter, and I was that person, sorry I mean you were that person, Judy and I will miss you dearly but as we saw your spirt in the balloons go North back home the ones which stayed let us know you will also still be here for us. Will miss but never forget you Ed and yes Penny, Barry and family done you proud. Cheers Russellxxx
Russell Bright <bruss@bright2.freeserve.co.uk>
Thatcham, UK -
Well Ed. What can be said? On your first day back at work, it is rare to be relating to friends and colleagues who know you've been to a funeral, what a "wonderful, wonderful day it actually was". So much love, so much respect, so many old friends. So much sun. So much partying! Penny and all concerned did you proud big fella. I remember commenting to someone back at the house during the afternoon, that the only person missing was you Ed. But I know you WERE there. Looking down on us all, laughing your head off, and raising your glass. By the way, I don't know what the heck I was trying to write on that balloon tag mate! You'd have told me to be 'a bit more economical with my copy' I think. Until next time. See ya 'Way Over Yonder'. Lot's of Love. Mark.
Mark & Rachel Gregory <raeg@ukonline.co.uk>
Morpeth, UK -
I will always remember Ed as being kind, funny, smart, a good listener, a great friend, a big drinker and a person who touched my life in more ways than I ever let him know. I'll miss you Ed, but I'll never ever forget you. Meeting you made me a better person. I will also always keep an eye on the petrol gauge in my car - you know what Im talking about!! Love you very much big fella. Pen xx
Penny Hall <Begbie1573@aol.com>
Reading, UK -
Ed Penny, Family & Friends gave you a great send off, one only deserving to such a big man with a great heart. Unknowing to you, you became Russ' mentor. In life you made us laugh and in death we cried. Their were tears of joy as we celebrated your short but big life. As my Grandmother says. . . "Only the good die young". You will always be in my heart as the 'Unforgetable Ed'. I am here for Penny as you were here for us all. Love You. Gerk Pork Judy XXXXXX
Judy Bright <judyannabelle.bright@hp.com>
Thatcham, UK -
You gave my 1st chance at Voiceovers,You became a person to look up too,Many thanks for your help The media has lost a true radio person, Good night Ed
barry david <b.d.a@merseymail.com>
liverpool, UK -
Hi Penny, just got home from the sad day, although I must admit, it wasnt too sad, apart from when your neices poem was read, Im sure there wasnt a dry eye in the church then. Im also sure Ed would have approved of the day, but more than that, Its how I would have liked to see ED off. It was right way. I still chuckle at some of the times Ed and I had, and yes, he was a life wasted too early. Keep in touch Penny, please. Roland
Roland Eckert <roland@broadnet.ltd.uk>
London, UK -
Ed, thank you for finding Penny. Ed, thank you for making her your wife. Ed, thanks you for bringing so much love and happiness. Ed, thank you for being my son-in-law. Love always x x x
Penny's Mum
UK -
Ed - What a guy!! Still cant believe you're gone. Thanks for all the laughs we've had. Big Dick is gonna miss you ( I think he loved being called that!!). Karaoke just wont be the same without you, cant sing your songs without filling up. Miss you loads mate and thanks for a fabulous party yesterday.
Toni (Rockets) <twigmore@rohmhaas.com>
Ecchinswell, UK -
I'm sorry I had a lack of respect for your Bike, and yes I do know it was you last thursday showing me how to ride mine properly, I didn't know at the time. Mate I was really looking forward to you coming to Le Mans this year, "The Brethren" will fly an appororiate flag at half mast and all get hammered in your honour.
Dean Hunter <deanhunter@cix.co.uk>
UK -
Nothing could have been more perfect yesterday if the Big Man himself had given instructions for the day. Penny & Barry's arrangements could not have been bettered and the 'Fat Bastard' ensured that the sun shone down and brought a little bit of Bequia to 'Pentico'. I am feeling very flat today and totally drained, but of course that could have nothing to do with the fact that I drank a river of rum yesterday! But through the haze I am also feeling a strong reaffirmation of life and the love that binds us all together and I will take that forward from this experience as my tribute to Ed. I have never seen a church so full of love, laughter (and bad language) before and you could almost believe the atmosphere was powerful enough to lift that bloody great coffin up by itself - but NOT quite! The pallbearers will get over their hernias, but we will never forget the day we all came together and witnessed in each other the love we have for that wonderful man.
Dancing Dave <dbirkett60@yahoo.co.uk>
Met Ed a few times at parties and the such - One in London, fell asleep in the pub, and had to go home early missing the club, because he was tired (poor soul). Second at a party nearer home (I believe with the infamous Meatloaf episode), he had to leave early to go back to my gaff to sleep (I had offered to put him up as the party house was full). So, where was the big drinking Geordie I had heard so much about? As a southern shandy drinker myself, I hope you've got your act together now, Ed, and have reverted firmly back to the good 'ole Geordie way.
James Hughes <jhughes@linx.co.uk>
Somersham, Cambs UK -
Cheeseboard - what can I say. Firstly thanks for getting me so drunk that night in Stockton I crashed my mum's car. Secondly, thanks for being yourself and passing on those tips. Take care big man, I know we'll have a drink again.
Dave Roberts <dave@daveroberts.net>
Middlesbrough, UK -
tonight i shall play the Geordie Club singer ad again. then in your honour I think i'll have 16 pints of beer and a curry. then i might practise my geordie accent (which i slip into naturally after 16 pints). then i'll remember the first time I met Ed at a Metro staffer's party, "Hi I'm Ed. Gizz a job." I'll think about some of the funniest and best recording sessions in radio (like reading scripts with a bucket on your head to sound like you were stuck in a toilet) I'll think about the time we flatted together, the big green car, the best roast beef and yorkshire pud on the planet, water skiing on Windermere in the snow, games of pool at the Sluts Head. Friday night at the Big Market and, of course Walker's club Cafe, I'll recall touring around NZ in a camper van that I was never allowed to drive - and i'll remember laughing until we cried. And then I think i will just cry. So long Neddy Cheeseboard. your mate Hugh.
Hugh Walsh <hugh.walsh@clemenger.co.nz>
Wellington, NZ -
Very sad to hear of Ed's passing. I remember him as large in character as in size. I've never forgotten his kind words to me as an aspiring voice-over in the mid-80's, in his own brisk, brusque manner he helped me along the way. Thank you Ed.
Andy Wint <andywint@manxradio.com>
Douglas, Isle of Man -
Ed was a larger than life type of character and the news of his death came as such a shock. I, like Robert Kenny remember him coming up to the progs office at 2-TEN and nicking the papers. Although he never convinced me of his desire to keep up to date with current affairs, he needed new air to breathe and new people to wind up. He got me most days and would prove time and again how gullible I was. Ed stood out as one of the biggest memories for me from my short time at 2-TEN and I know he'll be sorely missed by those close to him and those like me that just knew him in a work context briefly.
Lisa Marrey <lisamarrey@lisamarrey.co.uk>
UK -
Ed used to come and take the newspapers out of the studio, back to his desk to read. "Bloody DJs can't read anyway". At an Elton John gig his free seats happened to be next to mine - I was quite new then and had never spoken to him before. First he moaned to the effect that "It's a good job I didn't have to pay for these tickets, sitting next to the riff-raff!" Then,"I'm sitting next to you - Wow - I've arrived!" The pleasure was all mine.
Robert Kenny <robert@reading107fm.com>
Reading, UK -
During my time at 2-TEN, Ed was one of those charismatic and almost magnetic men. A big bear hug could cure all impending disasters! I loved talking with him and he would ALWAYS make me laugh and realise things were not as bad as they seemed! His little loft like office seemed like a haven for fun, smiles and good times! Your a top bloke, Ed!
Claire Edwards <Claire@reading107fm.com>
Reading, UK -
Ed, it's so hard to put down in a few short words how someone touched your life. I worked with you for two years at 2-TEN, and you always livened up the office, I just read Sarah Cowdery's message about "beetle on ya nose" and it made me chuckle! I will always remember those times when all of a sudden you would crack up with laughter nearly wetting yourself sitting at your computer, you had yet another hilarious video caption or picture on there and me, nadine, carolyn, di and sarah would all stand round you to watch and see what all the fuss was about. One catchphrase from you I will never forget is "Chickety china da chinese chicken"!!!! When I left 2-TEN you gave me your home email address and said keep in touch, I never did get round to......i will always regret that. I hope you are having a ball up there in ya leathers, you will be sadly missed, my love goes to Penny and Ed's family. With all my love big man Ali xxxxx
Alison Sturrock <alison@reading107fm.com>
Reading, UK -
Only the good die young,and Ed was one of the best. We kept bumping into each other along this bumpy radio road,and I'm sure we'll bump into each other again.All the best SIMO
John Simons <john.simons@gmgradio.co.uk>
Richmond, North yorkshire UK -
Ed, I just heard the news of your early departure to a better place. Just like you to want to be ahead of the crowd!! You are truly one of the best writers I have had the pleasure of working with and certainly THE FUNNIEST!! :o) You could always put a smile on anyones face. I now have a vision of you "entertaining" the Angels. God Bless xxxxx Jennie
Jennie Franklin <jennie.franklin@wave105.com>
Bournemouth, UK -
Everyone who knew Ed knew he was a big guy, with a big personality and a big heart.
Mike Nolan <mnol@freeuk.com>
Ed, you were famos for many things, but some of the best things you did for me were just little quiet things between us. You gave me Propper, deep, meaningfull and compassionate life advice at a time wen I was just a fully stoned & knackered kid. Larger than life, but apparenttly not. There's the rub a dub Mr Army Lager Radio Bolshy Loud man. (I have made several intentional spelling mistakes here, so you can go through it making unecessary amendments) Tim Cowland.
Tim Cowland <tim@londoncreative.com>
London, UK -
Ed.... sorry I can't be there for you today I have a hospital appointment which i cant really miss..... but my thoughts are with you and your family ..... RIP
DevilDoll <devildoll_uk@hotmail.com>
Colchester, UK -
Well Ed. Today's your BIG day! We're all going to send you up to the SPIRIT in the Sky (You'd know a song about that, and who wrote the original, performed all the releases and whether they went Platinum or not) but honestly ... We're all going to be there for you, just one last time. SFX: Churchyard (Bells, Birds, FVO: Today, a ONE day special, come down a see a MAN who made a difference, gave a damn and creaked a few floor boards here and there! Since your latest NEWS release, I have had a tough time believing that your BLINDING light has gone out, but I know that an unmistakeable AURA will be present around NEWBURY today and all who attend will feel the warmth of your amazing personality and unique lifeforce. See you there BFGB!
Gerry Archer <gerry@youto.me.uk>
Chippenham, UK -
Ed. Thanks for giving me an oppertunity. Thanks for everything you taught me. Thanks for sticking up for me. Thanks for getting me drunk for the very first time. Thanks for tequilla cocktails. Thanks for Greek food. Thank you. You were, are and always will be a great influence in my life, and the life of many others. Here's to the team of 89. God bless, Dave.
Liverpool, UK -
My big brother....we fought, we laughed and we cried. Words will never express how I feel right now and I so wish you were here to look after your little brother but the big guy in the sky has plans for you. I hope with all my heart that your looking down smilimg (diet Stella in hand of course) and I know in my heart I will see you again.... Love you....your little brother... :o) Barry
Barry~ya little Brother~Harwood <donna.harwood@sympatico.ca>
Canada -
Ed, a legend in the radio industry, you were truly one of the good guys. When we all worked together at Mercia FM we knew we would be friends forever. Fortunately I married Penny and kept you as my fat Geordie mate. When you married your Penny you had a new joke that you just couldn't resist (we had two pennies to rub together!) I know how happy the two of you were, and you felt you were the luckiest man alive. I feel privileged that you spent your last weekend with us in sunny Kent. We had a great time, drinking and eating and losing money on the Grand National. We ate fish and chips at the seaside where you ordered an extra portion of chips to eat while the fish cooked! I know you wouldn’t want us to mourn your passing, but to be honest mate that’s kinda tough. We love and miss you.
Nick, Penny and Charlie <penny@parenta.com>
Kent, UK -
Amazing I liked you so much considering one of the first thoughts you said about me were apparently "I quite liked him even though he's Welsh and an ex-para" :) You were always straight to the point and honest, generous and loveable - we will miss you. Both Nicki and I were very pleased that we saw you the night before the accident. We hadn't seen you for some time before that....Xmas I think - no doubt sharing more wine at some eatery or other! Wherever you are, we hope you're happy and watching the wasteline - no doubt with copious amounts of Diet Stella! Your friends... Jason & Nicki xxx
Jason & Nicki Gerrard <jason@the-gerrards.co.uk>
Thatcham, Berkshire UK -
My big bro Ed What can I say – He was big & fat, Happy & gay. Kind and gentle And very very funny A bit like Pooh bear But without the honey He called me lil’ sis Which made me very proud And enveloped me in a hug As if wrapped in a shroud He filled my sister With contentment and glee His love for her Was so obvious to see He wept with joy At their wedding in the sun It was full of laughter, Great happiness & Fun He will be greatly missed A life too short But will live on In each and every thought Bye bye big bro Gone but not forgotten Lots of love Your lil sis Karen
Karen Michel <kmh.michel@virgin.net>
UK -
Ed mate. You were an irritating bastard. To my chagrin, last time we went out to eat some Tai(in Camden)you didn't even stop to let me make a selection....and even more annoyingly I had to privately admit that your choices were far better than mine would have been. You knew stuff Ed... clever sod. I didn't see that much of you which was a shame cos you cheered me right up every time. Top bloke & top company. Oh well....guess I'll be on the Sloe Gin again tomorrow, but without your help I aint sure we'll manage to clear the pub out this time. Actually, that's not true... bunch of piss heads your mates. Cheers Ed. Love you to bits.... see you around. Martini XXX
Martini Man <jonathon.bowles@uk.nomura.com>
London, UK -
One Big Man Ed! - back in those days we had quite a few run in's - but we had respect for each other and we smiled afterwards. A lot of People seem to have that same respect. John
John Barry Sheffield <xag84@jaybs.freeserve.co.uk>
Ex Liverpool, UK -
Dad & I always knew that we had a SPECIAL son. From the day you were born everyone would tell us how lucky we were, and then Barry came on the scene & our family was complete. We are so proud to have been your parents, even if it was for such a short time, love you and miss you, keep a place beside you for Dad & I (DO AS YOU ARE TOLD FOR ONCE!!!!!) Love forever Mam & Dad xxxxx
Mam & Dad <theharwoods@madasafish.com>
Stanley, UK -
Being remembered as a proper bloke: a man’s man - that’s how I’d like to be remembered myself. And that’s exactly the way I’ll remember Ed. Years ago I was asked in a magazine interview how I’d like to be remembered. I asked Ed to help me come up with some answers. He came up with the immortal line: "how about, In the Sultan of Brunei’s will!" Typical and brilliantly funny. See you Tuesday for the farewell gig mate.
David Bennison <djb@simplyexports.co.uk>
Newcastle, UK -
The thoughts of all those who remember Ed from his days at Radio Tyneside go to his wife and family.
Dave Nicholson <info@radiotyneside.co.uk>
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK -
I met Ed because he was a friend (and lodger) of Pattie Coldwell. He and I sang together (badly)at her wedding to Tony and every time I saw him he made me laugh-and think. I liked him very much and will remember him. He was a tower of strength to me at Pattie's funeral. As her oldest friend I send love from both of us. I'd like to think you and she are at a bar together love Helen xx
helen christie <helen.christie@care4free.net>
colne,Lancs, UK -
Ed, what can I say. I had the "Ed Experience" for 3 months back in The Radio Partnership Days in Swansea. He taught me many things, how to write a good script, how to become an ace pilot in F-22 raptor and how to drink yourself into oblivion. I remember we want to a party once and via a stop off at Threshers, out came Ed with 3 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of alco-pops - all for himself. Of course he drank them and 4 of us ended up dragging him into a taxi and he threw up in the cab - brill memories! Radio has lost one of it's most prized possessions! My thoughts are with Penny and family. Sean
Sean Tighe <sean.tighe@realradiofm.com>
Swansea, UK -
Thank the Lord I'm not one of the poor sods giving you a lift into the church. Radio's a lot less colourful nowadays. Cheers lad. And.
Andrew Upton <andy.upton@saga1066fm.co.uk>
Derby, England -
The big man's big man. I only knew Ed through Mike Grehan and only really spent a few boozy nights in his company, but I can honestly say he was one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. Open hearted but venemously opinionated at times, seriously talented and a real one-off.I find myself reliving the little time I spent with him with both joy and sadness. Cheers y'big geordie bastad.
Gary King <getgaryking>
London, UK -
As the newest recruit to UKLF I have to tell you Ed your timing is rubbish, come back right now and show me some more of your playing tactic's !! *sigh* It was worth a try. It won't be the same without you Ed ...the scouser jokes ...the cries of "Numpty"! and "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" at the start of every match always made me chuckle. Rest in peace mate.
PennoUKLF aka Andy Pennington <andy_pennington@btinternet.com>
Burton-on-trent, UK -
I never really got to thank him for all the times he made me laugh (which was a lot) gave me advice (which was a lot) or offered me a helping hand (which was er...a lot). Thanks Ed.
Joe Dudley <dudley_joseph@hotmail.com>
London, UK -
I remember Ed from his days at Metro. Those were the day's. Radio has come a long way since then, sadly not all for the better. Thanks for the great memories.
John Watson <jw@tynesidenetradio.co.uk>
Newcastle, UK -
Ed, I never quite picked up the courage to come and meet ya on any of the UKLF get-togethers .... I only wish I had I always knew where I stood with you and you really were just a big cuddly bear .... with a growl which was probably from ya tum.... anyway my best wishes to all the family and friends and ed... RIP.... I will do my best to be there to see you off in style......
Angela Dodds aka DevilDoll <devildoll_uk@hotmail.com>
Colchester, Essex, UK -
Quite a few years ago, ED asked us not to call him EDWARD but ED,as that was what all his friends called him. So wanting to remain on friendly terms we agreed to do so. It is evident that over the years he has collected a number of good friends who call him names far worse than EDWARD. But we dont feel cheated, its nice to now we were regarded as ED,s friends as well as relatives. Loved the boy and will miss the man. Aunty June /uncle Bri
Brian .June Stonehouse <b.stonehouse@ntlworld.com>
UK -
Ed! What a man! Bigger than life, a heart bigger than a house, a steadfast, solid rock in our GWR Writing Family. Too unbelievable, too soon, too tragic. Ed, the irreplacable, irreverant, unbeatable. The words "we will miss you" sound so small, but mean so very much. My love to Penny and to those who loved you so closely, my heart goes to you all. Shez (Cain) now Cantlie... (married on Saturday - and you never knew -I know you'd approve of my British Boy, Dean - he's perfect for this little Ozzie.) Bye Ed. Wherever you are now are luckier for your presence.
Shez (Cain) Cantlie <shez.cantlie@opus-media.co.uk>
London, UK -
Just wanted to say see ya mate. K xxx
Kat Jefferys <Katrona.Jefferys@musicradio.com>
UK -
It didn't take me long to discover there was a large soft heart under that gruff exterior. You were like a big creative dad to me at 2-ten and I would have floundered big time without your wise and generous guidance in the ways of UK radio. I really hope where you are now resembles the Carribean and has shedloads of roast duck in noodle soup on the menu. Relax now big guy. From the Shandly Swilling Kiwi Poof.
Miles Fahey <miles@londoncreative.com>
London, UK -
When we were a lot younger Ed always preached P.M.A.(positive mental attitude)to me, so much so he had me water ski-ing across Lake Windermere whilst it was snowing one Easter - even though I can't swim. I only wish we had kept in touch more.
Alan Wright <alan@gnome.plus.com>
Paignton Devon., UK -
Ed, you touched our lives while you were working here in Wolverhampton and made a lasting impression. It was always great for us to catch up and have a natter when I was down in Reading and you always took time out to ensure we said hello. I'm at a loss to say how sad I am that you're gone, there aren't the words to match the feeling. My heart goes out to all your family, friends and colleagues who love you so much and are trying to come to terms with your going away. Sleep tight my lovely, you are not gone in our hearts and minds.........love, Karen....xxxxxxxxxxx
Karen Groom <karen.groom@musicradio.com>
Wolverhampton, UK -
Ed you are one man that no-one will ever forget. You had the biggest personality (and tummy) of anyone I have ever met. I never forget standing in the office one day at 2-TEN talking to someone and suddenly getting this wet feeling in my left ear from your tounge, and then turning around to see you standing there with absolutley no expression on your face just waiting to see what mine would be! A true gem in life to meet. Our thoughts are with you Penny and I am sorry I cannot be be there to say goodbye on Tuesday. See you in the sky buddy. Heppie
Andrew and Julie Hepworth <andrewhepworth@yahoo.com>
London, UK (NZ) -
What can I say? 4 years is a long time to be playing games together m8. You introduced me to the UKLF family, and your own brand of leadership, and thats something I'll never forget. Its a shame we never did get to meet up down here, but save me a seat at the bar up where you are, and get the beers in. Happy hunting m8. Vega =UKLF=
Damian Bowker <vegauklf@hotmail.com>
Manchester, UK -
Ed made everbody laugh and realise that life itself was one big party.. his party and he was "gonna de tha organizin". From beer after work in Teeside in 1982 - to B52's in a Malaysian bar nearly twenty years later Ed remain the best mate anyone could wish to know. Never can I listen to Gloria Gaynors " I will survive" without picturing Ed singing in pub-singer style.. something I'm sure Vic Reeves knicked offa Ed. You could talk to anyone about anything and make them feel good. What gifts you had in so many ways. God rest your big sole .. Miss you big guy
wayne lowery <waynelowery@yahoo.com>
La Manga, Spain -
Ed was one of the most entertaining people I have ever worked with... I'll always remember him for giving me the rather dodgy nickname "Creamy lips Cracknell" after a spate of margarine stealing from the fridge - for which I think he was to blame but had tried to pin on me!
Katharine Cracknell <katharine.cracknell@bbc.co.uk>
London, UK -
A creative genius, a nice bloke, sadly missed, godspeed.
Peter Wilson <peterwilsonbb@hotmail.com>
UK -
Reading through all the messages in this book of rememberance makes you realise how much one great man can touch those around him. If the rest of us get just a fraction of the reaction when our time comes, then we will have led a cracking life. If there is a heaven, then Ed will be up there in his leather trousers telling God what he's done wrong, and if the bearded one doesn't listen he'll be in trouble. We wouldn't want it any other way. Ben Whitmarsh.
Ben Whitmarsh <benjaminwhitmarsh@yahoo.com>
UK -
Like yer thinkin' Ed...get to the bar early doors before the mob show up... Well get them in then big man and keep me a seat...
mark devlin <markd@musicradio.com>
London, UK -
Goodbye Ed, It was too short, Too fast, Too soon, but the times I have known you will never be forgotten. Keep a place warm for us where ever you are mate oh and get the beers in, If Penny can say your belly was where u kept ur heart then my belly must be where my heart swells with the pride in having met you. Gone but not forgotten.
Steve & Michele <s.maggs@etoncollege.org.uk>
Eton, UK -
The Karaoke nights will never be the same again at the Oak without your 'You'll never find'. Why is it always the good ones who go early. Glad to have know you - cheers.
Neil Tordoff <neil@pinkelephantroadshow.co.uk>
Ecchinswell, UK -
Ed brian introduced us in 1990, you rapidly became the jolly "green" giant without the "green". always welcomed with a hug and a "Hello Darling", always smiling even when I accidentally nearly took the door off your sports car whilst trying to open the window, then couldn't close it for laughing. Or the time when you added your own twist to the story when I travelled 180 miles to throw a bucket!!!! of water over Brian at 5am (it started off as a cup!!!) but boy that felt good. Even when we saw you and Pen in December you both were so happy and we enjoyed a fab meal and the kind comments on my chest which took 38 years to grow (ive been sleeping in a grow bag for years mate!!!) love to pen i am always thinking of you hun and for Ed may all the scousers and the angels in heaven keep you safe. Love always Ed Hil xxx ps. it took me 10 years to work out why you called brian enob!!!!! God Bless Ed
Hil Bone <hilaryb@madasafish.com>
Liverpool/Newcastle (2nd home), UK -
ed only 2 days ago i was reciting one of your jokes (WHY DO WOMEN FAKE ORGASMS BECAUSE THEY THINK WE CARE!!!!!! well lots of us did ed well miss you fat geordie bastard!!! all our love hang on !!! thanks for the chicken and for slapping u know who!!we'll miss you love u bob ,cathy tao& channay
UK -
Ed gave me an audition when he was at radio city. I had heard all kinds of things about him, ie: spoke his mind, didn't suffer fools gladly, and had (rumour had it) made some fvo's cry!) etc., He said to me ' if i think you're good i'll use you, but if I think you're c**p we'll stop wasting each others time!' Nervous, but undaunted, I read for him, luckily, I got it right, no stumbles, bang on for time. I looked at him through the glass and waited, the talkback came on, ' you'll do pet, come through to the office and let's give you some dates'. I always got on with Ed, I admired his honesty, skill as a producer, and his wicked sense of humour. I think he liked the fact that I gave as good as I got, didn't kiss ass, and shared his penchant for dirty jokes! Ed was one of the kindest and nicest men I ever worked for, and I feel so sorry, that once again, a good guy has been taken from this often nasty world. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.
Tanya Rich <tanya.rich@virgin.net>
Bath, UK -
Ed, the big-hearted big Geordie everybody loved! I'll miss you, remembering you and I go back to Station RTN when you used to do the Funk programme and I used to do the Arts Review show; then we both joined Metro. I enjoyed every time we worked together, and I'll remember your music and your special style of presentation. Take it easy on the Night Shift.
Roger Harvey <roger@rharvey75.fsnet.co.uk>
UK -
Winston Churchill once said of somebody he wasn't too keen on: "He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire." Ed had all of the virtues I admire and all of the vices I admire. What a great bloke. Despite not having seen him for over eight years, his loss was a shock. He had a big effect on me and I won't forget him.
Bill Thomas <bill.thomas@haynet.com>
London, UK -
Metro, Tfm, GWR... we've been there and done 'em all haven't we! Not long after I replaced you when you left Tfm, (and Ed, you took a LOT of replacing!) we heard that we'd both won an Orson Welles Award in the US. You'll probably remember that mine had been damaged in transit, and the golden statuette snapped off below the knees. What was left became known as The Golden Ankles Award..... just a pair of golden feet on a polished wood base. It was my first award, and probably yours too. Mine's on the windowsill of my study, and from now, I'll think of you every time I look at it. Rest in peace big fella. Graham
Graham Elliott <graham.elliott@musicradio.com>
Hull, UK -
My wife used to be Pattie Coldwell's agent and one Saturday about five years ago, we went down to her house for the day. I'm not a great pub goer but as soon as i got in the door, Ed said, "Come on, let's leave them to it. We'll go and have a drink". He was a complete stranger and yet within tem minutes, i felt I had known him all my life. He tried, unsuccessfully, to teach me to play pool but despite this, I had a wonderful time. He was funny, kind and engaging and could talk about anything with anyone. When he found out that I had also worked as a DJ, that was it - back to the house for three hours of Seventies soul. We kept in touch but obviously, I didn't get to see him as often as i would have liked. Both Saskia and I are hugely saddened by his death but it seems fairly obvious that anyone who met him went away feeling much better for having done so. I know I did. I hardly knew him and yet he left a wonderful impression so I can only imagine the impression he left on those who knew him well.
Paul Burke <paul.burke@bmpddb.com>
UK -
I first met Ed when I joinerd Airfporce full time about 7 years ago. He was working at Mercea FM and Ed suggested we had a drink or two in the pub round the corner. After a few minutes of talking to him, it didn't take much working out that this guy knew what he wanted and if I dared to suggest anything different, then I would have to pay for all the rounds...Forever. Bye bye Ed...Thanks for keeping fire of creativity burning in our bellies.
John Calvert <john@airforce.co.uk>
Maidstone, UK -
You never fully appreciate someone until they are no longer there. I have such wonderful memories of you Ed and I will so cherish them. Your presence was big in my life over the years in more ways than one. Your laughter will never leave me; Ed you are sublime! From Patsy with love
Patsy <Patricia@davidbirkett.com>
London, UK -
I am sorry to say that I never knew Ed. I am a fellow co-worker of Barry's. I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you through this difficult loss. As I read this page, I can see that Ed was a man who gave so much and did not ask for any in return. May "HE" give you comfort and peace.
Moe Vacheresse <mvacheresse@sympatico.ca>
Ottawa, On Canada -
It's a keenly felt loss, because Ed was such a character. But that just means the memories will be that much more vivid. I'd say RIP but I doubt you'll let it stay peaceful for long! Ian
ian gill <ian.gill@musicradio.com>
taunton, UK -
I didn't know Ed, although I've known of him for many years as a copywriter. My thoughts go to Penny, his family and friends. Much love, Em x
Emma Clarke <emma@emmaclarke.com>
Cheshire, UK -
First met you in the eighties over a pint. In fact, well over a pint. Ever since, whenever our paths have crossed, and in whatever part of the country, you've been the same, big fella. You will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.
Paul Brown <paul.brown@lbs.co.uk>
Stockport, Cheshire UK -
It's weird! And I'm so sorry that I can't be there at the funeral to wave goodbye. I seemed to have followed you around for so many years at GWR... Bath, Bristol and Swindon... and one day I shall follow you again. I remember the first day we met and I called you Eddie... and the way you told me that if we were going to get along then I was to remember you were, "A Big Fat Geordie Bastard and Big Fat Geordie Bastards aren't called Eddie." I remember sharing a room with you after a serious drinking session and the sight of your hairy arse, and the smell of methane, that greeted me as I entered the room. I remember the time I had to lift you off the pavement after another serious session in Bath. But most of all I remember a big hearted man who was never afraid to say what he felt with passion and conviction, who never bore a grudge, and always had time for those less experienced than himself. We'll miss you Ed, you've left a big hole. Finally I pray that for Penny the pain will ease... and that in the future both she and every one who ever knew you will congregate on your bench in your loca... and smile whilst drinking to the memory of our hugely missed Big Fat Geordie Bastard.
Paul Marshall <paulm@musicradio.com>
UK -
Last time I saw Ed he told me my tits were too small... but in the nicest possible way. I'll remember the old days of the GWR creative meetings where I can be proud in saying that I could keep up drinks-wise with the Ed. You'll be missed, Top Totty (aka Amanda)x
Amanda Theobald <amanda.theobald@cr-online.co.uk>
London, UK -
Gerry Archer <gerry@youto.me.uk>
Chippenham, UK -
Ed, Little did I know when we first met just how much of an influence you would be on my future career. 'Dan, you Southern Shandy Drinking B******d, you're 1 of the 2 best scrip-writers I've ever known' you told me; no doubt something you told many a 'wet-behind-the-ears' wannabe copywriter over the years - but a line which filled me with confidence to pursue my career in radio. Many a time when I needed advice the 'Harwood Hotline' would get a call; prior to a move to Real South Wales an in turn London, you gave me advice and guidance as and when I needed it. You were never too busy to listen. Most of the time it was a 'follow your gut instinct' answer, but most of the time this was all I needed - a kick up the proverbial backside in the right direction. Ed, you taught me a lot about radio and most importantly how to truly believe in the work that we do - how to be passio nate about something you truly believe in, oh, and how to drink pints without falling over; although you did get pretty trashed in Torches the night we went out celebrating your engagement! Nice work fella!!! 'Nuff said!! Thanks Ed, for everything; I won't forget you mush! :o)
Dan Hunt <dan.hunt@chrysalis.com>
London, UK -
I'll never ever forget going sharing a room with you at the Sheraton Imperial in Malaysia and you looking for your trousers. You woke me up, you huffed and puffed. You couldn't believe you'd lost your only clean pair of trousers in a tiny hotel room. Then I remembered thinking my own trousers seemed to need a belt. I had put on Ed Harwood's trousers by mistake. You laughed and laughed and laughed and took every opportunity to tell everyone about how I wore your trousers. I'm so glad I gave you a big laugh mate - you taught me so much - 34" waist Mat x
Matthew Ellis <matthewe@musicradio.com>
Northampton, UK -
Ed Happy times over too many pints at the Clarendon in Dovecot street Radio Tees provided me with many of my happiest days. You were a part of that And that green monster of a car was in a league of its own. They can never take the memories away. Rest in peace. You'll be missed.
Tony Lockwood <tony@lockwood106.freeserve.co.uk>
london, UK -
Ed, I won't be with Barry, Penny and Mam & Dad when they say their final farwells on Monday but I will definitely be there in spirit. I want you to know that although we butted heads occasionally I loved you dearly. You weren't just my brother-in-law, you were as much a brother to me as you were to Barry. When I arrived in England from Canada to marry your 'Little Bro' I was scared senseless and with your kindness and humor you welcomed Jess and I into the family and made me feel very much at ease. Some of my fondest memories are of you trying to get me to eat weird and wonderful foods; when you would arrive at work and I wouldn't have gone to bed yet and we would have a bit of a natter on ICQ; when you came all the way to Canada for a visit and ended up leaving after a couple of days to surprise Penny in Bequai and Dec 2000 when the whole family spent Xmas together at Pentico and we saw the Millenium in together. It's impossible to try and understand why you would be taken from us so soon but obviously 'HE' has a plan for you. It goes without saying that you will be dearly missed by us all. Loads of love, Donna (Sis) XXXOOO
Donna Harwood <donna.harwood@sympatico.ca>
I nearly beleived you when you told me that obscured by the clouds of smoke billowing from the Iranian Embassy in London you as a a member of Her Majesty's finest catering corps had shinned down a rope and flung a Baby Belling in through the window. Those days at Tees were just the best. Whether we were having fish and chips, lunch at "The Rapists" or sitting in the "Clarrie" putting the world to rights. Then there were the expeditions: "Toon", "Darlo" or to my place in Staithes where we would sit in the Cod and Lobster and laugh until it was time to go back for steaming plates of "brown stuff" I still have your Metro publicity pic which you inscribed "To my Dad" A priceless memory of the unique guy that was "The Cheeseboard".
alex lester <alex.lester@bbc.co.uk>
UK -
What can I say..... I am overwhelmed at the presence that Ed had and I am so proud that I was asked to be his wife. Yes I was robbed of a very loving man and I really think that the reason he had such a large belly, was that, that is were he kept his big heart!!! I can truly say that I have never regretted one part of my life with Ed (apart from the smelly farts of course!). He used to make me laugh and cry and always call me ‘the Welsh ginger bird from Watford’ and that will always stay with me in my heart for the man that I truly loved unconditionally… Ed I love you xxxx
Penny - wife <ed&penny@pentico.co.uk>
Pentico, UK -
Ed you know Im not often stuck for words, plenty will vouch for that. Now is one such occasion. Ive been trying to think of the words to say how I feel - but I just cant. The day you wound me up by accussing me of cheating! The "CLEAR THE FEKKIN ZONE" bellowing in my headset, the "FFS IS ANYONE ACTUALLY LISTENING TO ME?" Well Ed yes they were listening - probably more than you or any of us realised. Although we never met in person - you did (and still do) influence the way I play DF. Still to this day i remember the words over RW. "He can think what he wants - it aint a fekkin democracy" When reffering to a guy who we both thought wasnt up to the high standards you set us. Although I left UKLF when the GR thing kicked in, I always will be a member in my heart, I now wear the (s) on my tag in your honour. I dont know how UKLF will survive without its leading light. In a way I hope they do - I know thats what you would have wanted, but in a way how can it ever be the same? All this came form a poxy game played over the net between friends? I dont know how to finish this so Ill leave with this Sunray is down! I say again - Sunray is down!¬ Why?
Terry (Jester (s) <Jester@tzw.net>
Preston, UK -
Ed was the nicest guy i ever knew. I never heard him say a bad word against anyone; he always saw the good in people. I always felt better when i was with Ed. Ed was a mood lifter-when he entered a room the mood would lift[floor might sink a bit mind].Oh and that sense of humour!Explicit but never smutty and never offensive.An intelligent articulate and eloquent man.Ed enjoyed the finer things of life. He certainly enjoyed food and drink and was known to overdo things on occasions but he ALWAYS remained a gent. It was a privilege knowing Ed and an honour to be called his brother in law. The world really is a poorer place without him. Bye bro' Carl
Carl Barker <CJB970@aol.com>
Amersham, UK -
I am truly sorry and saddened to hear this news. Many a night Bequia has echoed with the laughter of Ed. Penny, I have not had the pleasure of meeting the woman who captured his heart and to you I say he and you were blessed to have known each other and Bequia. I am very sorry for your loss. Willow
Willow Ayers <willowbequia@excite.com>
Bequia, SVG -
Ed was my brother in everything but name and blood. We grew up together from the age of three. We threw more punches at each other than any of the famous boxers, just like brothers. We had many adventures around Council Street and Delecour Street where we grew up, just like brothers. We fought over the girl (Geraldine) Just like brothers. We drifted apart over the years, just like brothers. and now I mourn his loss, just like a brother. Thank you Ed for being my brother over the last 45yrs. Ulla
John Ullathorne <john@jullathorne.freeserve.co.uk>
Home!!, UK -
We got to know Ed through Pattie Coldwell, myself, Saskia Burke was her Agent for some time. We loved Ed on sight and stayed in touch with him seeing him again recently at Pattie's funeral. He was a wonderful man, big hearted, kind and generous, a great raconteur and a huge personality. We are so very very sad to hear of his death. We send you Penny, his wife who he was so proud of and so happy to have met, much much love and sympathy at this horrible and painful time. With all our love Saskia and Paul Burke xxxxx
Saskia & Paul Burke <Saskia_Burke@BTopenworld.com>
London , UK -
Considering you used to moan I talk too much I really am at a loss for words. I've seen people calling you a "Big Cuddly Bear" and in the UKLF forums the "BFG" which UKLF peeps know what that meant but for me it meant the "Big Friendly Giant". Now who is gonna call me the Devon Pixie You really will never be forgotten SpinalUKLF aka Adam "the Devon Pixie"
SpinalUKLF <adam_sibbald@lineone.net>
Ilfracombe, Devon UK -
How chum. I will never forget everything you did for me. The opportunity you gave me back in 1988 when I was your first signing for a new look Comm Prod at Radio City. The discipline that you taught me and the values that I still hold today. You gave me my first ever nickname(Lippy). You taught me how to drink lager at a rate faster than my body could hold. You taught me how to eat Dim Sum and always offered me £5 to eat all the Chilli oil in one go. You always laughed whenever I vomited, and that was quite often. Phil, Dave and I still have a vocabulary based entirely on the way you spoke and we have passed that on to many more people who never even knew you. You taught me the importance of balancing work with life and how to enjoy both. There isn't a day goes by that I don't find myself quoting you and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about you. Thank you for everything you've done for me. Lippy.
Leo Cubbin <leoc@codemasters.com>
Dunchurch, UK -
Sorry to say that I only knew Ed as a name at the top of a script, but it saddened me to learn that the great guy behind the name is no longer with us. The industry, and the world in general is a poorer place as a result. Best wishes to Ed's family and friends.
Pete Gold <pete@petegold.co.uk>
Every now and then you get one of those moments where everyone in the group is laughing uncontrollably, stomach muscles aching, tears streaming.....long after anyone can actually remember what it was you were originally laughing about. When I think back to my years at the Sound Of Home - Radio Tees I seem to remember a far higher ratio of such times, and it's no coincidence to recall that Big Ed was involved in most if not all. Even when I left to do missionary work dahn sarf there was no escape. He and Swish leapt into a car one night (that bloody huge Japanese green monster that soaked up an oil well every 20 miles) and arrived on my doorstep in Essex at 3 in the morning. "We were in Darlo," he says, "so we thought let's go see Oscar. Then we remembered you'd moved....er so here we are." I'm so glad (and grateful to John Foster) that we all got together not too long ago for the Tees reunion and then again for a meal after that. I can't imagine how you must be feeling Penny, but I know how much the big soft bugger will be missed by those lucky enough to have known him.
Jules Bellerby (Oscar) <jules.bellerby@bbc.co.uk>
York, UK -
How Chum, you were right - we were the best team that never was. Thanks for the inspiration.
Mark Johns <mark.johns@emap-performance.com>
Liverpool, UK -
Ed - over 2 years ago when I changed jobs you sent me a top e-mail. I can quote you directly from it because I've still got the thing You said 'Hey little 'un! You'll be missed but I am working on the premise that our paths will continue to cross. Must get a big drnking session in soon!X X X and a BIG [[[[hug]]] Fatso'. We never did get the beers in duck - Like somebody else says here that's a lesson for me - but on the creative days when we did you made me laugh like a hound. As you would say in a thick Geordie accent 'Thanks darling!'. RaeXX
Rae Earl-Johnson <rae.earl-johnson@creation.com>
UK -
I didn't know you that well, Ed but I know you were well loved and will be dearly missed. We always had good fun our voice sessions. love shazza x
Sharon Dennis <sharon.dennis@metroandmagic.com>
Newcastle, UK -
Choked, Big Fella. We told some tall tales, sunk some tall glasses and dreamt tall futures. I was looking forward to the next chapter with IQ Audio which will be 'parked' now until I join you on the throne. With you and me it will need to be a wide one!I'll miss you, so will the boy, so will the Plough and now the Spring Ball is without it's cherished presenter who offered his services from the beginning. Love ya m8. TQ
Tony Quinn <tony@iqm.co.uk>
Newbury, UK -
Goodbye Ed, it was a pleasure like all of us to work with such a truly talented individual. Thanks also for the very first client you helped me secure when you were working here at Beacon........ God Bless Marie x
Marie Wright <marie.wright@musicradio.com>
Wolverhampton, UK -
Ed - one of the people mostly responsible for me getting back into radio creative. A big loss - and I know you'd appreciate the pun... borny x
Paul Borny <paul.borny@capitalradiogroup.com>
Birmingham, UK -
We always say we'll catch up with our old mates, but we rarely do. That's our loss & maybe a lesson learned for me. It's been a few years since we last met - a midweek night with too much red wine & single malt (for me, not for you). And even more years since nights out in Stockton & the 'Big Toon'with Messrs Graham & Gregory. Great times, great friends. We'll all miss you Neddy Cheeseboard. Mick Stoves
mick stoves <mstoves@ph-wt.co.uk>
leamington spa, warks UK -
Ed, I only knew you through work but we had a great time and you were kind enough to write some great scripts which you wanted me to voice. I was still voicing your scripts the day after you had passed away. I will miss your humour. I hope you have gone to a better place. In the meantime the celebration of your passing sounds like it's going to be one heck of a party. All the best, D
Duncan Wells <duncan@duncanwells.com>
Chalfont St Peter, Bucks UK -
Thanks Ed for helping me out so much - you are the best Creative I ever worked with and helped me to succeed within GWR. I will never forget our trips to London with Barry from Harlequin! I will miss you, Sue xx
Sue Prain <sue.prain@musicradio.com>
Swindon, UK -
Ed, Although I only knew you for a short time, I was struck by your dry humour, your sometimes irreverant attitude and your absolute love of life. I hope there is plenty of Mount Gay where you are now. Amanda.
Amanda Masters <amanda.masters@musicradio.com>
Brighton, UK -
Ed I never got the chance to know u has well as the rest of the squad (being a newbie) but you still manged to give me some of your preciuous time to make me feel welcome and part of the squad('The Best')I hoped one day we would meet in person on the open road but it seems I will have to wait a little bit longer to meet you in that great squad in the sky. Get the drinks in ED! SawLoser=UKLF=
Pat <sawloser@hotmail.com>
Canncok, UK -
I only worked with you for a short while at Radio Tees, but you touched my life and left me with happy memories even though neither of us ever lost enough weight to do that charity parachute jump we threatened. You were always in the 'Clarry' before me anyway so it's only fitting you are there first, "get the drinks in Ed, your mates will be along in a while!" Here's to a big bloke saddly missed!
Nigel Price <enquiries@adamnight.co.uk>
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK -
Hey Ed, from one fat B* to another sorry to see you go. Fortunately I have you on video singing Y'honor with Tony K, Patsy & myself and that's how I'll forever see you, onstage, beer in hand and singing reggae. Til the next time - T
Tony Gallagher <tony.gallagher@blueposts.net>
London, UK -
Ed was always the funniest guy in the office - when you were having a bad day he was always there with a gag! He was a top bloke and i will never forget him. Cheers to Ed and deepest sympathy to Penny and all that knew him. Heidi H.
Heidi Humphrey <heidi.humphrey@creation.com>
UK -
A big thanks from everyone at Swansea for all the help you gave us at a time when we needed your "immense" support. Big guy, big talent, big heart.
Bev Lewis <bev.lewis@thewave.co.uk>
swansea, Wales -
Ed - You were always right. You were also the only man I've ever seen enjoy an egg and mustard sandwich. Thanks for all the support and advice when miche and i were pulling our hair out over in the 'swich. It meant a lot buddy. God bless.
andy <andy.robinson@musicradio.com>
bristol, UK -
I first met Ed at Tfm Radio when he burst in for a voicing session. As the only female in an all male team I was well used to "boys being boys". Ed however had a special charm -the ability to be gut wrenchingly X Certificate and hilarious at the same time - A big bear of a man with a ribcrushing hug and bone rattling laugh. He is and will always remain one of my happy memories from my first ever job. God Bless you Ed -You're Missed . xxx
Jeanie Messenger <jeanie.messenger@bbc.co.uk>
London, UK -
Thankyou Ed for the time in Bristol when we worked together. Thats exactly what it was working together. As a Sales Executive you played a major part in helping me succeed in the way I did. I have always respected you for the time you took to help me and learned lots from you. I will always remember the good times because thats what we had. Ed you were an inspiration and a great man. David
David Wenn <david.wenn@musicradio.com>
Bristol, UK -
You kept me on my toes, you kept me entertained when we were freelancing together in Wolverhampton. You will be greatly missed. Thanks for the advice last time we spoke... by the sea, under a palm tree, sounds like a great idea.
Simon Rushton <simon.rushton@musicradio.com>
Nottingham, UK -
Hi Ed, I am glad to have known you I got a lot of help from you at Chepstow because I was a wee pest. You rescued me a few times. I felt my heart sink today when I read franks email. One thing for certain its not the end just the begining!!
Bob Curran <bob@curran101.fsnet.co.uk>
Blairgowrie, UK -
I will miss the little yellow paper clip that seemed to hold your glasses together for the last couple of years. The short chats we would have in the audio booth and your dry sense of humour. Mate, I knew you from your freelancing days at Leicester Sound and when I came to Reading 6 years ago, seeing you here made the transition of leaving my friends and family so much easier to handle. I will always remember you Ed and I wish we'd hooked up for that drink at your place we talked about doing for so long. To a Big bloke with a big heart. You will be so very muched missed. Guy
Guy Harris <guy.harris@creation.com>
Thatcham, UK -
Ed, I'm one of those many people that you don't know, but also don't know how you influenced. You gave me my first ever job as freelancer many, many years ago that was also my first insight into the world of radio advertising. You wouldn't remember, I won't forget. It eventually became a career. Thanks Mark.
Mark Brow <mark.brow@pulse.co.uk >
Bradford, UK -
Ed - we go back such a long way - when we were but kids in the radio world - and I'll treasure the fact that we always stayed close. So many memories - particularly when you took me out on the town in YOUR home town.....How proud were you - shame about the digs! I'll miss your cuddles and hugs, your support and company. Rxx
Rhian Garbett-Edwards <rhiange@btopenworld.com>
Worcester, UK -
This is hard Ed - and we're all supposed to be good at words. Thanks for babysitting on me when I first started out at this job, and for showing me the way to the caribbean and savacentre breakfasts. I know you'll be there at the stag-do making sure we get generous measures. You really are like a big dad to so many of us and we'll never forget you mate - and try our very best to be there for Penny and your family. Lots of love Simon & Em
Si Whitworth <simon.whitworth@opus-media.co.uk>
Wimbledon, UK -
Ed, were gonna sorely miss you, One in a million, one who would never be put back from saying the truth and only accepting the same in return. From Roland (the big southerner poof, as you always called me)
Roland Eckert <roland@broadnet.ltd.uk>
Wokingham, UK -
Ed - you were an officer and a gentleman. All those lunchtimes spent in the Wok Bar - seafood soup and dim sum. And I was worried about taking liberties with the employer, when I should have been worrying about spending more time with you and Miles. I hope wherever you are there is plenty of beer and duck. I will never forget you and Penny in your leathers together in Bournemouth. You looked the business. Sometimes quiet, there must have been so much in your head just waiting to bloom. You are already missed so much. Rest in peace kind sir. Sophie
Sophie Dobbs <sophie.dobbs@musicradio.com>
Reading, UK -
What can I say about Ed Harwood - a big man who had a huge heart. Not many days would go by without me meeting him in the kitchen - Hello Suzy Q he would say - what's new or if he hadn't seen me for a couple of days he would always wander down the corridor to check up on me and stop for a while to catch up - I will miss you loads and thank you for caring when, at times, with all the changes going on it was very hard. God bless - with lots of love - Suzy 'Q' (Sue Batten)
Sue Batten <sue.batten@musicradio.com>
Reading, UK -
So sorry you've gone Ed, but your script templates live on, and a lot more memories besides! You will be missed.
Trisha Jarman <trisha.jarman@virgin.net>
UK -
Ed, you were such a lovely man. It's really quite at work without you, but I have got lots of lovely memories of you. How you always used to call me 'little girl'and how you insisted I had learnt lots of bad habits since I came back from Miami at Christmas, like answering back to you! Love you and miss you lots Karen xx
Karen Hulbert <karen,hulbert@musicradio.com>
Reading, UK -
Dear Eddy Bedbug..the fun we used to have in Dovecot street! You're big laugh and twinkleing eyes and very big tummy! You and Swish scamming! What a sad loss you are..sleep well. Sal xx
sally aitchison <sally.aitchison@metroandmagic.com>
newcastle, UK -
I had the pleasure of working with Ed whilst working for GNR. He was a great guy, with a marvellous personality. I don't think I ever remember him being but positive. I'm sure those of us who knew him were glad that, even for a few short years, he was a part of our lives.
Roy Leonard <roy.leonard@bbc.co.uk>
Hartlepool, UK -
Ed, you came into my life at Radio Tees but I will never forget the 9 months we spent sorting out Radio City whilst staying at the Adelphi Hotel. Chinees food, travelling between Liverpool and Teesside and road testing cars for you have been part of my recollections when recounting the good times of radio. It was a privllege to know you Ed.
Geraint Williams <geraint.williams@stockton.gov.uk>
UK -
Fat Lad I'll miss you, Love Sad Lass, sadder now you are no longer in our world. X
Jane Stewart <janestewart59@btopenworld.com>
UK -
Ed - you were the one guy on the old "circuit" I could never cheat. You simply refused to accept a sub-standard performance - and for that I'll always be grateful. My sincere best wishes to all your family and close friends.
Colin Day <mail@voiceover-uk.co.uk>
Kidderminster, UK -
Ed was the most wonderful man, Even though he used to tell me off so often for sealing a 'job bag'! I'll never forget the Martin Clunes recording session in London when I battled to keep him upright on his seat onthe train home due to copeous amount of red wine being consumed with the client! God bless you Ed, may you drink rum for ever more - have one on me mate xxx
Carolyn Sorrell <carolyns@musicradio.com>
Reading, UK -
Ed was instrumental in employing me as a 2nd writer at 2-Ten FM in December 2002. Thing was, I was in Australia at the time...and the ensuing culture shock and adjustment period was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, especially with 3 toddlers and a wife all arriving within 7 weeks of me landing. But God was watching over the Cassidy family in those months, and to help us, he sent a giant, big, fat, Geordie Angel to help us out...his name was Ed Harwood and he was one of the best there was. Ed was like my honorary Uncle in so many ways. He gave me lifts, advice, offered to lend me money, bought me lunch, help me through disasters, yelled at me, laughed with me, empathized, listened, advised, advised, advised, advised you know Ed) and, in a christian sense, loved me with actions that undoubtedly displayed a character filled with compassion for the plight of his fellow man. Ed was profoundly good to me and my young family in ways very few people will ever understand. I will never forget his empathy and big heartedness and I felt privaleged to have known him for the time I have. I will never forget Ed Harwood, ever...nor I'm sure will any of us who were touched by his renowned kind-heartedness, rogue'ish charm and profound love in action. Penny, my deepest sympathies go out to you at the loss of your wonderful Ed. Gods Blessings.
Colin Cassidy <colin.cassidy@musicradio.com>
Reading, UK -
Dear Ed, you were a good man. A great bloke. I'm sad because you're gone and angry as well, for another reason. Forgive me. I missed an Eric Clapton concert because we sat at the bar at the MEN arena and got hammered. Dunno. Confused. Out out brief candle etc. Miss ya, mate.
Dave Gilbank <dave.gilbank@pulse.co.uk>
Bradford, UK -
A long time since I'd seen Ed but I'll always remember a big man with a big heart, and such fun company in those wild days at Metro when pranks and jokes were the order of the day! Oh, and how that champagne used to flow at Madison!
Paddy MacDee <paddy.macdee@bbc.co.uk>
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK -
Who's going to give me a 'beetle on me nose' now and who am I going to share my strawberries with? I never told you this Ed, but I knew you were always there for Andy and me, such a kind hearted person - it was an honour to know you - we'll never forget the great time we had in Amsterdam with you and Pen. God Bless Sarah Pipalinni xxxx
Sarah & Andy Cowdery <sarah.cowdery@musicradio.com>
Goring, Oxon UK -
Ed, I'll always remember the extra long dim sum lunches in Chinatown , when we manage to make a 1 hour recording sessiom last a day! I remember you with laughter and just sorry I haven't seen you in the past couple of years. Mair than ae fond memory Ken
Ken Findlay <ken@hurdygurdy1.freeserve.co.,uk>
Hungerford, UK -
So many laughs Ed & so much love. Bequia got to both of us and showed us our differences had so much in common. The party will go on, but it will be hard getting used to all that extra space on the dance floor! D xxx
'Dancing Dave' Birkett <dbirkett60@yahoo.co.uk>
London, UK -
I will miss the shouting over Roger Wilco, the straight talking, the honesty, the leadership, the fun, the loong chats over icq during work hours (well ..what else is there to do at work) but most of all I'll miss a friend, truly gutted that I never got to meet in you person. WEE_GEE=UKLF=
Micky <mdviz@totalise.co.uk>
Worcester Park, Surrey UK -
Ed, I have a confession m8.....I used to give you quite a load of 'stick' about being the old man of the Squad....old codger....Grandad....old git, along with some not suitable here !!. I never got round to telling you that I'm actually a month older !...I was saving that one for a rainy day, (I think you might have swore !!). You were one of a kind Ed, and I'm sure gonna miss being called a 'numpty'. Ed you are gone, but will never be forgotten...see you 'on da hill'. Steve. (Saladin=UKLF)
Steve Scourfield <stesco@ntlworld.com>
N Ireland, UK -
Ed was always right, even when he was wrong. He pretended to be a tough bugger but really he was a soft sod. He took me under his wing when i first arrived at 2-TEN and really showed me the ropes. For that, and many other things, I'll always be thankful to him. Big belly, big head, big heart, Big Ed. I'll miss you pal. xx
Shaun Keaveny <shaun@keaveny.freeserve.co.uk>
london, UK -
I always thought Ed was indestructible. I don't think any of us can seriously believe he's gone yet. Who else could have made so many friends by arriving at a party, putting on a Meatloaf wig, and belting out "I would Do Anthing for Love (But I Won't Do That)"? Who else could have got away with referring to me as "Elvira, Princess of Darkness" for so many years? I picture him barging into heaven, sorting out God's marketing strategy, and settling down to drink His personal supply of West Indian rum. Much love to Ed and all those he left behind.
Cindy George <cindy@radioville.co.uk>
London, UK -
Just found him after nearly 30 years, and he skives off again! Knew him when we were young and wild lads in Chepstow. I reckon I will get to see him again later on, I will listen for the vibes when I get to the other side. A good lad gone from us.
Frank Hall <frank@birlin.net>

A fellow ex-serviceman and good friend dearly missed. Sunray is down. Dave Humm
Dave Humm <david.humm@ntlworld.com>
Cleethorpes, NE Lincs UK -
In the short time we knew each other I found your humour infectious. On only our 3rd or 4th meeting at "Tees" you managed to get into my wedding photographs - holding up John Simons and wearing Nora Barbers' large brimmed hat of course!! As a fellow biker, I can think of no better way to go unless of course it's in the arms of a very beautiful woman. Ride on. You'll be sadly missed.
Ron Hope <ron@ronhope.com>
Lichfield, UK -
I knew Ed at both Metro and Radio Tees. He was truly a gentle giant. At a time when most of us were trying to make up for our lack of understanding of how commercial radio could work with a lot of bulls**t, Ed was like a breath of fresh air. Alright, a whirlwind of fresh air. Solid as a rock, it is strange and very sad to see him go first.
Brian Lister <brian@radio.demon.co.uk>
Sedgefield, UK -
Ed, I'll miss you m8, although I only knew you for a couple of years what years they were. God bless you m8 and to quote "it not goodbye, it's see you later" You'll be missed more than you know. BulldogUKLF:SS aka Mike
Michael Terrington <m.terrington@ntlworld.com>
Nottingham, UK -
Many games, many hours, much fun. You were always there if i needed help or if anyone else did. Many hours of strategic talk. Whos gonna do what and where. He was mostly right. He made us the great squad we are to day. Both in reputation and gamesplay. I end with a quote from Ed/Sunray=UKLF=R.S.M: "Clear the fekkin zone!" preferably shouted VERY loud :) Miss ya m8y Mikey=UKLF=DF
Mikael Johansson <mikey_uklf@chello.se>
Stockholm, Sweden -
Big Man....Good Fun..........Much Missed.........Glad we met!!!!! (even if we were three sheets to the wind!!!!!) Lasting memory.....seeing you and Mark Gregory, on entry to 74 Dovecot Street, Stockton, TS18 1HB, 30th June 2000..march straight down the corridor to Comm Prod like homing pigeons..while Alex Lester went to see the Don Cline peg!!! and I was left in 'reception' lookin bemused...but loving every minute!!!!!!! TOPS!!!!!!!
tracey.butler ( and John) <tracey.butler@tfmradio.com>
Teesside, UK -
Thanks for all the times we had in the early 80s Ed. You deserved so much more. I guess it doesn't always go the way we plan. Our loss will be someone else's gain cos wherever you are you'll be making them laugh! God Bless. Bill Walker, Walkers Club Cafe 83/87.
Bill Walker <Bill@Walker197.freeserve.co.uk>
Newcastle, UK -
First met Ed in 1971 at the Army Apprentice College Chepstow as young boys. We trained to become "soldiers" and ended up as "brothers". I went to Belize in 77, who was waiting to greet me as I got off the plane, "Big Ed", We only had 24hrs together in Belize had an all mighty knee's up,played skittles with a Scottish Battalion, Big Ed carrying me on his shoulders, we won. We left the Army went to Germany as "building workers" {before Oz and Co)only stayed there 2 weeks as we got sacked twice due to you know who, he even managed to get a job as a "DJ" in a pub whilst there " Big Ed the international DJ" he used to say to the audience.There is more that I could tell, even write a book??. Well Ed I am putting money on you that you have persuaded St Peter to get you a job spinning the disc's.I will be looking up at the stars and if I see one bopping I will know where you are.
Brian Bone <hilaryb@madasafish.com>
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK -
A straight shooter, a good laugh, a talented bloke. Will raise a glass to you later. Cheers, Dan
Dan Lewis <dan@dan-lewis.com>
Swansea, UK -
Top Man, we miss you.
Tony Aitken <ta@tonyaitken.com>
London, UK -
Yes Steve, there was a lot more to Ed that just the Walkers ad, but if we were to list all his qualities and achievements here, the page would take forever to load! But I was right wasn't I Ed, as this page shows, you were a hugely talented man, and we'll all miss you loads.
Dave Porter <dave.porter@bbc.co.uk>
Northumberland UK -
Ed, We shared a few beers, we had a few laughs, you where a big guy with a huge passion for seeing it done right. You will be greatly missed by all not only at GWR but through out the Radio industry. WE DONT LOVE THIS NEW. Goodbye Mate.
Dave Baynham <Dave@thebaynhams.com>
Sutton Coldfield, UK -
Ed - I have never forgotten those Tees sessions with you and Mark back in the mid 1980's. You were the only guy in my career to take me onto the famous, Advertising Awards, Gold cassette in 1987. I have never forgotten that and I'll never forget what a talented, straight-up and warm guy you were. Miss you.
Stephen Lyons <studio@isdnvoice.com>
Risca, Wales -
You'll remain to be a funny, clever guy. After my exile from the NE you phoned me and welcomed me at GWR as you were along the M4. People have mentioned the drink and your laugh and the Walkers Worldwide award winning ad. There was a load more to you than just those things and peoples memories are showing that here.
Steve Colman <scolman@hotmail.com>
Dubai, UAE -
I'll never forget the many boozy nights that we enjoyed in Norwich at my place when you freelanced for John Mountfords studio's with your wicked sense of humour I used to be in hysterics,why is it the nice guys you like you Ed always get the bum deal...Love ya an miss you mate. Dave and Trisha
Dave Brown <browndavetrisha@aol.com>
Norwich , UK -
So many memories – were do I begin. Ed you were there for me and punctuated so much of my life, both in laughter and in tears. Your memory will live with me forever. Love in peace my dear friend.
David Roberts <David.Roberts@GorillaMedia.ltd.uk>
Newcastle upon Tyne , UK -
Most radio people are kinda special. Ed was exceptional. Funny, warm & human. I treasure many memories. Hugh Walsh, Roger Harvey, Ian Britton & I had some brilliant studio sessions with Ed ... not least his "Club Singer" routine. Ed & I also had one of those holiday report junkets together. I laughed more in those 6 days in Tenerife than is actually good for you! Thank You Ed. We love ya!
Martyn Healy <martyn.healy@galaxy1056.co.uk>
Northumberland, UK -
Ed. You were such a good friend. You made me laugh. You made me cry. (When you cheated to beat me at pool) You made me miss countless teas (with your 'fancy a quick pint after work' routine) You invented the 'Comm Prod Xmas Club', then you re-arranged my flat without my permission whilst I was on holiday. You're the only person I know who actually tried to get their car stolen. You had the biggest most infectious laugh I think I've ever heard, you had a heart of gold, and a talent to match and I can't believe I won't ever see you again. Your old friend. Mark. "How-man-hey-man"
Mark Gregory <mark.gregory@metroandmagic.com>
Morpeth, Northumberland UK -
When I think back to the times I spent in the Ed's company, it occurs to me that I spent most of the time laughing. Ed had such a great sense of humour, he was always fun to be with. He was also a very talented bloke, the excellent, and award winning, Geordie Club Singer Ad he recorded for Walkers Cub Cafe was amazingly done in one take, Ed was that good. You will be missed by the whole industry Ed, and for me you will always be the famous 'Frank from Blaydon'. I raise a glass to your memory.
Dave Porter <dave@radiopages.co.uk>
Northumberland, Northumberland -
How could I ever sum up the impact you had on my life? My closest and dearest friend for 25 years. There are no words to express how much I will miss you. But I have my memories Ed. The laughter, joy and great fun we shared together lives on. It won’t be the same without you Fatty... but I’ll do my best! Your loving pal, Swish.
Mike Grehan <mikegrehan@uk2.net>
Newcastle, UK -