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See the full agenda at www.searchenginestrategies.com/newyork/agenda.html
Still just enough time to take advantage our Leap Year Early Bird discount.

Geared up and ready for SES, New York.

Last week, Kevin Ryan and I headed up SES, London. And what a great show it was.

If you couldn't make London, here's your chance to join Kevin and a host of industry thought leaders at what promises to be the biggest search marketing event on the planet.

SES, New York takes place March 17 - 20 and the agenda is outstanding. Great sessions and great speakers. It really is a "must attend" event.

Featured speakers include Nick Carr, author of the book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the world, from Edison to Google. And Andrew Tomkins, Chief Scientist, Yahoo! Research will be giving his insight and analysis of content, communities and users on the World Wide Web.

My friends Erica Schmidt, Mona Elesseily, Chrysi Philalithes and Lyndsay Menzies will be adding their own mix of marketing intelligence and in the trenches reports. And John Battelle will be giving us his thoughts on Universal and blended results at Google and the other major search engines.

And no doubt in my mind, it'll be a thought provoking keynote from Jason Calacanis. Read more..

(catch up with my personal videos and others on the SES YouTube Channel)

A brand new name and look for e-marketing-news!.

Preparing the way for the launch of:

I launched e-marketing-news back in September of 2002. It was a pretty hurried launch. You see, I started taking subscriptions for it at my eBook site in 2001. Now, I did this because everyone had an internet marketing newsletter. So I had to have one too.

One day, in August 2002, I received an email from someone telling me that, they had subscribed to the newsletter but hadn't received the current edition. The reason? There was no current edition. In fact, there were no editions at all. E-marketing-news was something I was going to get around to eventually. The subscriptions pop-up was just running on autopilot and I never really checked the list. So, after receiving that email, I did.

There were over three thousand email addresses in the database!

As you can imagine, there was smoke coming from keyboard as I rushed to put the first edition together. The subscription list continued to grow and grow and the newsletter got bigger and better.

In mid 2005 I mailed out the last e-marketing news. Due to my ClickZ deadlines creeping up on me at every last minute and my hectic travel schedule I simply couldn't find the time to publish anymore. So it just petered out.

However, the site continues to get tons of traffic and recently, I checked the list again. This time, there's close to 20,000 subscribers. Read more..

See the full agenda at www.searchenginestrategies.com/newyork/agenda.html
Still just enough time to take advantage our Leap Year Early Bird discount.
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