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Introducing the Search Marketing Dream Team!

First of all, apologies for the lengthy gap between this and the last issue. But Christine and I have been toiling away in the background (make that Christine actually!) to schmooze, bribe, threaten and downright beg some of the leaders in this industry to join our team. And guess what? She's managed it!

To have someone with Christine's excellent background and professional status in the industry was a major bonus to begin with. But now, I'm personally delighted and honoured to be part of such a fantastic team of hugely talented practitioners and writers which she's managed to bring together. So who's in? I hear you ask...

In alphabetical order, please welcome your new e-marketing-news contributors:

Andy Beal

Vice President of Search Marketing for WebSourced and KeywordRanking.com, the global leader in professional search engine marketing.

Andy will provide a regular industry news roundup gathered from his own hugely successful blog and all of the major sources.

Christine Churchill

President of KeyRelevance.com, a full service search engine marketing firm near Dallas. She is associate editor of e-marketing-news and a member of the board of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation).

Christine is publisher, editor, anchor and team leader, covering all aspects of the search marketing industry.

Scottie Claiborne

Owner of Right Click Web Consulting and also runs the Successful Sites e-newsletter. She has been doing web work since 1998. Scottie is also a moderator at Jill Whalen's popular High Rankings form.

Scottie is a contributing expert on usability and search engine marketing.

Peter Da Vanzo

Founder, writer and official coffee maker for Search Engine Blog.com, a news resource for the search engine marketing industry. SearchEngineBlog has often been described as "essential reading" by people who really should know better.

Peter is our contributing expert on search blogs, forums, and whatever other mischief he can get into.

Jeff Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg co-founded Future Now, Inc., in 1998 with his brother Bryan. Jeffrey has been and is currently CEO of Future Now, a marketing consulting boutique, based in New York City.

Jeff is our contributing expert on converting visitors into buyers.

Todd Friesen

Todd Friesen has been designing websites and doing SEO since 1998 and is the owner of Oilman Promotions which offers full service search engine optimisation and affiliate program management and consulting.

Todd is our affiliate marketing and search engines expert. He may even venture a little to the dark side from time-to-time.

Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns. Andrew's practical guide, 21 Ways to Maximize ROI on Google AdWords, has been put into practice by over 7,000 advertisers.

Andrew is our contributing Expert on Google Adwords.

Mike Grehan

Publisher and editor of e-marketing-news, consultant, author and speaker.

Mike is Christine Churchill's co-editor and constant source of her headaches!

Greg Jarboe

Greg Jarboe is the president and co-founder of SEO-PR.com, a search engine marketing firm that provides search engine optimisation, search engine advertising, and search engine promotion services.

Greg is our contributing expert on public relations.

Ammon Johns

If the voice of reason came out of a beer glass... you'd have somebody very drunk talking sense. There's an anomaly. So it's great to welcome Ammon Johns with his black hat, white hat and grey hat observations of SEO.

Kim Krause

Kim launched Cre8pc.com in 1996, offering search engine optimisation and web design resources gathered and tested while working as Webmaster for a technical magazine publishing company.

Kim is a contributing expert on usability and search engine marketing.

Heather Lloyd-Martin

Heather Lloyd-Martin is the President of SuccessWorks Search Marketing Solutions Inc. and is considered the pioneer of search engine optimisation writing. She is also the co-chair for the Association for Interactive Marketing's (AIM) Search Engine Marketing Council.

Heather is a contributing expert on copywriting.

Catherine Seda

Catherine owns Seda Communication, an Internet marketing and training company. She's a professional speaker on the subject of search engine marketing and author of the book Search Engine Advertising.

Cat is our contributing Yahoo! and Overture Services expert.

Brett Tabke

Brett has worked with computers since 1979. He has operated a discussion forum in one form or another almost continuously since he put his first BBS online in 1984. He made the leap to the web in 96 after working in promotions for a major corporation. His Webmaster World forum is considered to be one of the leading resources in the industry.

Brett's profile is so high in the industry, he gets to write about anything he likes - whenever he likes!

Ralph Tegtmeir (AKA Fantomaster)

Ralph Tegtmeier is the co-founder and principal of fantomaster.com GmbH (Belgium), a company specialising in webmasters software development, industrial-strength cloaking and search engine positioning services. He has been a web marketer since 1994.

Ralph is our technical expert who'll trying and testing all of the latest software and services for search engine marketers.

Karon Thackston

Owner of Marketing Words, Inc. a full-service copywriting company specialising in catalog copywriting and search engine copywriting. She is recognised as one of the web's leading authorities on copywriting.

Karen will be a contributing expert on copywriting.

Eric Ward

Eric founded the Web's first service for linking Web sites back in 1994 and is best known as the person behind the original linking campaign for Amazon.com.

Eric is Mike's team mate on the linking panel at SES conferences. He'll be a contributing expert on linking.

Amanda Watlington, Ph.D.

Before setting up Searching for Profit, Amanda was director of research for a major search engine optimisation firm. She is a renowned expert in the search industry and has developed patent-pending tools and methodologies for search marketing. She is an authority on query behaviour, query construction and "the psychology of search".

Amanda is our contributing expert on keyword research.

Wow!!! What a line up!!!

And we intend bringing e-marketing-news to you every week. It may be a staggered pace to get us there, but as we do, you'll be getting insights and news from the leading team of search experts ever assembled for one publication.

And we'll be moving into other channels too. With email marketing, affiliate marketing and CRM channels all due to follow.

So, let me say the biggest thanks ever, to all of our new contributors. You're the greatest: all of you!

And with that said, don't hang around here, we have an excellent article from online PR expert Greg Jarboe to get us off the ground. Read more...

And SEMPO woman speaks out! I've had my say on SEMPO recently so there's not a lot more I can add. Other than I know full well that they really want to get
themselves back on track again. There was a huge amount of effort went in the front end, so it really would be a shame if the wheels fell off completely.

So things will start to get fixed, and I understand that won't happen overnight. It'll take a little more time for sure. And taking a little more time to get it right doesn't bother me much at all. Let's just hope they can do it right and on time. Then we'll all be happy campers again.

Here's Christine with her take on the various issues I raised (and yes I do get poked in the eye and beaten up a little!). Read SEMPO story...

Mike Grehan
Editor e-marketing-news

Quick Bits:

Here are some cool things we've discovered recently. This first one has nothing to do with search engines, but it does have to do with man's best friend.

Think your dog is pretty smart? Check out this dog prodigy.

Here's a great time waster that will amaze your friends and tease your colleagues. Text to Speech Demo. Try typing in "Hello, my name is Arnold" in German. Great Fun!

See you next issue!

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Associate Editor: Christine Churchill. KeyRelevance.com

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